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  • The scene in which the young Dick is weaving down the road is set in 1963. The road has yellow dashed paving markings, which were not used until 1970. In 1963, the dashes would have been white.
  • The trend to wear the American flag on the lapel didn't happen until after 09/11/2001. Bush and Cheney wearing the American flag on their lapels during the 2000 campaign is incorrect.
  • Cheney tells Lewis Libby to leak Valerie Plame Wilson's name to the press. While Libby was later convicted of perjury, Richard Armitage has since claimed responsibility for discussing her CIA employment with the press. He was never charged for this due to his ignorance of her status as a non-official cover (NOC) agent.
  • In the middle of the movie, the Cheneys are said to raise Golden Retrievers. The two dogs shown with them are Labrador Retrievers.
  • In a scene set in 1973, Cheney can be seen lying in bed and talking to Rumsfeld on a non-Trimline telephone with a modular handset. Modular connectors were not available for telephones other than Trimlines until 1976 and weren't ubiquitous in the United States until the early-1980's.
  • In the movie, all the characters including Cheney family members, pronounce the family name as "chain-y". The Cheney family has always pronounced their name as "cheen-y".
  • When Cheney fires Rumsfeld over the phone, the office chair in which Rumsfeld is sitting is a modern mesh back design which wasn't available in 2006.
  • In a scene with Cheney and President Gerald Ford in the Oval Office, behind Ford is a photo of former First Lady Pat Nixon. The First Lady at this time would have been Betty Ford.
  • Camille James Harman is credited as playing "Mary Matlin". The character's surname is actually spelled "Matalin".
  • In the Oval Office while Gerald Ford is president (mid 70s), a model can be seen of a 747 airliner with a Space Shuttle on its back. The first Space Shuttle didn't fly until 1981.
  • The train seen briefly in the beginning of the movie showed modern diesels that were 30 years too new for the time period.
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