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After Dax (Lil Rel Howery) lost his life savings in a bid to enter a team into a street ball tournament in Harlem, he is desperate for another chance to compete – and win that cash prize. But to do so, he’ll need to pull together an all-new team… or so he thought, until he witnesses the legendary skills of septuagenarian baller Uncle Drew (NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving) and realizes that an all-old team might just do the trick! Together, Dax and Drew set off on a road trip to round up Drew’s old basketball squad (Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie) and prove that age is just a number – but it’s the final score that counts. Also starring Nick Kroll, Tiffany Haddish and J.B. Smoove, Uncle Drew is the big-screen adaptation of the fan-favorite Pepsi digital episodic series of the same name.


  • Kyrie Irving
  • Lil Rel Howery
  • Shaquille O'Neal
  • Chris Webber
  • Reggie Miller
  • Nate Robinson
  • Lisa Leslie
  • Erica Ash
  • Nick Kroll

Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

Started a little slow...picked up steam though. Some great one liners if you pay attention

Russell T
Verified Review

My Review: If you love the game like I do 🏀 you will simply appreciate seeing Chris Webber, Shaq, Nate Robinson, and Reggie hoop again..... and btw it’s hilarious. (Take the kids) 👌🏾🤣

Shandrea M


Jun 29, 2018

The jokes could be dirtier, the plot looser, the basketball action more gleefully ludicrous. Instead, everything feels very competent but safe.

David Sims
The Atlantic
Jun 19, 2018

Moviegoers who don't get a kick out of spotting athletes on the screen may be less than enthralled by the otherwise formulaic comeback flick, but sports-loving viewers will likely be more enthusiastic.

Metacritic review by John DeFore
John DeFore
The Hollywood Reporter