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A gay re-telling of Charles Dickens' classic "Oliver Twist." Updated to current times, moved out of the poor house and onto the streets, the tale is told from the point of Dickens' character, Artful Dodger--now "Dodge." The prosaically beautiful Oliver falls into the hands of down-and-out young men. Dodge takes the young man under his wing and instructs him in the unforgiving arts of drug abuse and prostitution. As Oliver's innocence dissolves, both young men confront inner and outer demons and, strangely, it is Dodge who finds he cannot escape his past.


  • Nick Stahl
  • Gary Farmer
  • Stephen McHattie
  • Tygh Runyan
  • Brigid Tierney
  • Moti Yona
  • Michèle-Barbara Pelletier
  • Joshua Close
  • Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
  • Andre Noble

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Even more egregious than the film's concept is its execution, as it somehow manages to make scenes of drug addiction, hustling and even brotherly incest quite tedious.

Metacritic review by Frank Scheck
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter

Unfortunately, despite some strong performances, the movie never really makes a case for its own existence.

Metacritic review by Elizabeth Weitzman
Elizabeth Weitzman
New York Daily News

It's a mini-masterwork of acting. Stahl is definitely one to watch closely -- he's the real deal. But the emerging plot isn't.

Metacritic review by Rick Groen
Rick Groen
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)