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Trespass (1992)

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Two firemen in a burning building get a treasure map - stolen gold church items are hidden in a closed down factory in St. Louis. Once there, they're trapped in by a black gang considering it their territory.


  • Bill Paxton
  • Ice-T
  • William Sadler
  • Ice Cube
  • Art Evans
  • De'voreaux White
  • Bruce A. Young
  • Glenn Plummer
  • Stoney Jackson
  • T.E. Russell

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There is something powerful and elemental in the appeal of gold, especially somebody else's buried treasure, and it plugs holes in the plot that no base metal could possibly cover.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

One of the few remaining Hollywood filmmakers who can function at this level of pure cinema, Hill delivers here with a renewed force and assurance. After a string of tired films (including the exhausted Another 48 HRS.), Hill seems revitalized. [25 Dec 1992, p.C]

Metacritic review by Dave Kehr
Dave Kehr
Chicago Tribune

Hill remains a master of action pieces and is even director enough to get strong performances from his bunch of dressed-up pop stars. But this supposed sure-fire thriller, from a script that was called The Looters until the L.A. riots got in the way, fizzles like a Molotov cocktail with a soggy fuse.

Metacritic review by Kim Newman
Kim Newman