Transformers 15th Anniversary Movie Poster

Photos & Videos for Transformers 15th Anniversary


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  • Clip: Ladies man
  • Interview: Rachael Taylor "On her character Maggie"
  • Interview: Megan Fox "On her attraction to working with Michael Bay"
  • Interview: Anthony Anderson "On his familiarity with Transformers"
  • Clip: Turned out to be an alien robot
  • Behind the scenes: Explosions at night
  • Clip: Under the hood
  • Interview: Josh Duhamel "On shooting the action sequences"
  • Clip: Optimus Prime
  • Interview: Shia LaBeouf "On the excitement of doing his own stunts"
  • Interview: Jon Voigt "On what attracted him to the role"
  • Clip: Japanese
  • Behind the scenes: Shia almost gets crushed
  • Interview: John Turturro "On the appeal of the film"