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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

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When a shy groom practices his wedding vows in the inadvertent presence of a deceased young woman, she rises from the grave assuming he has married her.


  • Johnny Depp
  • Helena Bonham Carter
  • Emily Watson
  • Tracey Ullman
  • Paul Whitehouse
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Albert Finney
  • Richard E. Grant
  • Christopher Lee
  • Michael Gough

Atom User Reviews

5.0 out of 5



A wondrous flight of fancy, a stop-motion-animated treat brimming with imaginative characters, evocative sets, sly humor, inspired songs and a genuine whimsy that seldom finds its way into today's movies.

Metacritic review by Kirk Honeycutt
Kirk Honeycutt
The Hollywood Reporter

But the real marvel is that beneath the ghoulish in-jokes and horror-geek allusions, there's a core of the same bittersweet truth that makes the best fairy tales resonate from one generation to the next.

Metacritic review by Maitland McDonagh
Maitland McDonagh
TV Guide Magazine

It's warped and wonderfully effervescent. Ditto the songs by Danny Elfman, who sings the role of Bonejangles, the frontman for a skeleton jazz band at a swinging underworld club. Best of all is the love story.

Metacritic review by Peter Travers
Peter Travers
Rolling Stone