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On Thursday evenings, hundreds of women convene for a potluck fund raiser and the opportunity to throw singles at the hot New Jersey Nasty Boyz. THIS ONE'S FOR THE LADIES isn't just about the tips or the dancing. It's a heartwarming story about friendship, community, these incredible women and the resilience they show toward whatever comes their way.


  • Lakia Hunter
  • Michele Moore
  • Poundcake
  • Terrill Ross
  • Tarik Sanders
  • Tamisha
  • Sweet Tee

Atom User Reviews

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Jun 7, 2019

Most problematically, the film is simply atrocious on a technical level, featuring subpar cinematography (a generous term, in this case) and muddy sound that wouldn't pass muster on anything larger than a cellphone screen. If you 're going to put all of those magnificent bodies on display, we should at least be able to see them clearly.

Metacritic review by Frank Scheck
Frank Scheck
The Hollywood Reporter
Jun 4, 2019

Because Graham fills This One’s for the Ladies with so many different dialogues that don’t always connect, he prevents it from offering concise, sociopolitical insight about race, class, and sexuality. As a result, the film comes off as pedestrian and ultimately has nothing really essential to say.

Metacritic review by Candice Frederick
Candice Frederick