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On Thursday evenings, hundreds of women convene for a potluck fund raiser and the opportunity to throw singles at the hot New Jersey Nasty Boyz. THIS ONE'S FOR THE LADIES isn't just about the tips or the dancing. It's a heartwarming story about friendship, community, these incredible women and the resilience they show toward whatever comes their way.


  • Lakia Hunter
  • Michele Moore
  • Poundcake
  • Terrill Ross
  • Tarik Sanders
  • Tamisha
  • Sweet Tee

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Jun 19, 2019

The great thing about this documentary, other than seeing some very provocative dancing, is that it goes beyond the superficial and talks about the socioeconomic situations that most black people in America face.

Metacritic review by Lorry Kikta
Lorry Kikta
Film Threat
Jun 13, 2019

The documentary isn’t a masterwork of craft, but in the interviews, there’s always a glimpse of some broader story, be it the electric charisma of the women in the crowd, who are frankly just as fun to watch as the performers, if not more so, or the broader arcs of history and tradition.

K. Austin Collins
Vanity Fair
Jun 13, 2019

Raw, empathetic, and so insistently humane that it plays like a fun 82-minute “fuck you” to the power structures of a country that wants to squeeze the life out of its poorest black environments, This One’s for the Ladies is at its best when it slows down and keys in to a small pocket of the culture where strippers and customers really can have co-equal standing in the community that brings them together.

David Ehrlich