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  • In the wide shot of the state police cruiser, in whose trunk Thelma and Louise have locked a state trooper, just before the Rastafarian cyclist approaches the car it is just in the shadow of the mountain on the left. In the close-up shots of the cyclist approaching the car, the car is completely in sunlight.
  • When Thelma is on the car about to be raped Louise comes up from behind with the handgun. Just before you see her put the gun to the guys neck we hear the gun being cocked. When we see the gun placed to his neck it is not cocked.
  • In one of the parking lot scenes, and this is mentioned in the 'making of' documentary, the shooting lights are clearly visible at the back of the parking lot. Not subtle at all.
  • When Louise comes out of the diner and gets in the car, the top is down, and even though it has obviously been raining (ground is wet, etc.) the car's interior is dry.
  • Towards the end of the film, where Thelma rings Hal Slocumb the state police investigator, the FBI are in the same room as Hal, recording the telephone. Watch for the guy at the tape recorder - he's messed up his headphones so much that the left ear cup is pointing out rather than pointing in. Professionals do often listen with just one cup (to retain some ambient sense), but never like this.
  • Bullet holes fired at an angle into sheet metal will leave elliptical holes, not circular ones. Additionally, they will cause the metal to bulge away from the gun that fired the bullet, not towards it.
  • In the big chase, when all the police cars are getting off the road, you can see the tire marks of at least two cars, while only the Thunderbird's marks are supposed to be there
  • When Darryl is being talked to by the police about having his phone bugged, it's clearly supposed to be raining, but in other shots, while you can still hear the rain it's bright and sunny in the background.
  • Levels of Thelma's coke and Louise's margarita in the bar.
  • When Hal looks up Thunderbird owners in the Arkansas State Police database, each owner's name is listed in alphabetical order. The corresponding list of vehicle's year / color is listed in chronological order, a coincidence unlikely to happen in real life.
  • When J.D. comes up to the car to ask Thelma for a ride his sunglasses keep changing position. Sometimes they are in his hand and sometimes they are hanging from his shirt
  • Towards the end the windshield from the front shows the lines from the windshield wipers, but from the driver's seat looking out, the windshield is clear.
  • The lights are reflected off Louise's sunglasses as she and Thelma are waiting for the train to pass.
  • In the Thunderbirds of that era, when the top was down there was very little room to put anything in the trunk as the top took up most of this area. When they are putting the luggage and fishing gear in the trunk, with the top down there would be no room for all the luggage and the top in the trunk. The most that could have gone in the trunk would be two small overnight cases and no room for the fishing pole etc.
  • When Louise is laying out her plan to go to Mexico, the cut on Thelma's lip from hours before is gone. When she bumps into J.D., he comments about it and then Thelma sits in the car and the cut is there again.
  • Just after they pick up JD and get back on the road, you can see oncoming traffic in the distance being re-routed to clear the road for the film shoot.
  • When Louise sits down next to an old man with a long white beard who is wearing glasses, in the shot where its just his face you can see the camera crew in the reflection of his glasses.
  • When Louise is walking out their car she is vomiting but sound does not match the amount of vomit.
  • Reflection of a truck in rear of the mirrored tanker. The truck is supposed to be the '66 Thunderbird.
  • Right after Thelma meets J.D., we see an old man sitting down. On the glass behind him is a sticker that says Victorville, CA. Thelma and Louise are supposed to be in Oklahoma City.
  • The police chase happens at high noon. Yet, whenever we cut to the girls, the sun is either behind them or the sunlight is deep orange, indicating dusk.
  • When Thelma robs the gas station in Oklahoma, she tells the clerk to throw in a bottle of Wild Turkey. In Oklahoma, you can only buy hard liquor at a liquor store, not at a gas station.
  • Thelma and Louise leave for their trip on Friday night, the next day after the shooting they are in the car trying to figure out what to do, in the background you can hear the AM radio giving the Dow Jones Industrial averages like the stock market is open. This would not happen on a Saturday.
  • The camera on the crew vehicle can be seen in the reflection at the rear of the car on the chrome trim when the T Bird passes. This is just after Louise talks about getting away from their last crime scene.
  • The boom can be seen in the reflection of the car bonnet when Thelma, Louise and JD stop the car after taking a diversion on the dirt path through the industrial yard when they see police ahead of them coming in their direction.
  • The scene where J.D. first asks Thelma and Louise for a ride is supposed to take place in Oklahoma; the newspaper Louise buys is the "Daily Oklahoman". However, a freeway entrance with a green triangular California state highway shield can be seen clearly in the background.
  • In the scene where Thelma meets Jimmy at the motel to get the money, it is very obviously nighttime as seen through the windows. However, moments before entering the motel, it is daylight. It is daylight (but clearly a little later) again when they are back outside.
  • During the big chase scene, the Thunderbird Louise is driving hits a police cruiser and knocks off a side mirror. However, after the chase scene, we can clearly see that the mirror is still intact and on the car. This is because the mirror that we saw fly clear was from the police cruiser, not Louise's Thunderbird.
  • After the girls lock the state trooper in the trunk of his cruiser, they throw the keys into the desert toward the right of the car. Later, the trooper, still locked inside the trunk, points through a bullet hole with his finger, indicating to a passer-by where the keys were thrown. Despite assertions that he could not know where they were, it is not difficult to judge direction or even distance just by sound, especially a sound as distinct as keys hitting the ground.
  • When Thelma and Louise enter a diner to phone Thelma's husband, Thelma uses the pay phone correctly by dialing the number first and then inserting coins. Right after she hangs up, Louise uses the phone but inserts coins without having dialed first. In real life the coins would have come back, as a number has to be dialed in order to know how much to put into the phone.
  • When Louise was talking on the phone with someone in the motel after the murder, she says that she is in Arkansas. The motel is in the middle of the desert, and Arkansas does not have any deserts.
  • After Thelma and Louise blow up the rude trucker's tanker, they drive their car in rings around him. But the trucker is already standing in the middle of a ring of darker-colored freshly turned earth left by a previous take.
  • At around 50 mins, Louis went inside a place to get a money order for herself. It was around sunset time, but after she said the secret code, all of sudden, it was already dark at night time.
  • (at around 39 mins) After Thelma gets off the phone with her husband in the telephone booth she walks out of the phone booth and runs into J.D. then they collide. J.D. is knocked down but in the next shot it does not match the next scene. He is already caught from Thelma missing that he should have fallen on the ground.
  • When Louise and Jimmy are sitting in the motel restaurant, a waitress comes over to ask them if they want coffee. Louise says yes, but Jimmy declines. The glass jug looks less the a quarter full of coffee, but when the waitress walks away, it looks like there is more then a quarter of coffee in it; not half full, but slightly less then half.
  • Eye Color Flub: Just after the cyclist scene, an off-camera dispatcher is heard over the radio putting out an APB on the two women. In describing Thelma, the dispatcher says she is 5'10 with green eyes, when it is clear she has brown eyes.
  • Thelma and Louise could not have blown up the rude trucker's tanker by merely shooting holes into it with a handgun, this is pure Hollywood hokum. For an explosion to occur the correct fuel/air mixture is required, additionally the vaporised gasoline would need an ignition source like an open flame to combust. The women could be firing military incendiary rounds into the tanker and it would still not blow up. Gasoline can not burn much less explode with out an oxygen source.
  • When Louise phones Jimmy for the first time from the motel, the outdoor pool is visible and the sunbeds are in the shade. In the next shot of Thelma sitting by the pool, some of the beds are now in the sunlight.
  • After the Thunderbird is spotted by the 3 police cruisers they all drive over the dirt strip separating the lanes. Tire tracks from previous takes are clearly visible. The same thing is apparent when the Thunderbird drives out into the desert.
  • The holes in the trunk of the police cruiser are much larger than ones made by a .38 ... which Thelma had.
  • While asking about Texas, and just before being pulled over by the state trooper, Thelma is wearing the black jacket belonging to Louise, even while panicking about what to do. But once stopped, she's now only wearing her denim blue shirt w/out sleeves.
  • After J.D.'s interrogation, the girls stop at a gas station and ask for a phone. They walk about 20 yards to a neighboring diner. The waitress behind the counter clearly has no clue who they are 'nor what they want; but points them straight to the phone as soon as they step in the door.
  • It doesn't take "two and a half days" to get from Oklahoma City to Mexico. The Texas border towns of Laredo and El Paso are each less than an 11 hour drive. However, Louise strongly emphasizes that she refuses to drive through Texas, so obviously they would not be driving to a Texas border crossing.
  • While it is a popular movie trope that a caller must stay on the line a minimum amount of time before the call can be traced, by the time of this movie's setting, calls could be traced as soon as the connection was made. This is true even with a landline, a public phone, or a long distance call, as was the case in the film.
  • After giving jewelry to the white-bearded man and then getting back onto the road: The first shot (Louise looking to the right) shows nothing but a small building.. The next shot, after the motorcycle speeds by, shows a white van parked in front of the same building.
  • In the final scenes when Thelma and Louise are ordered to surrender a distinct echo is heard from the officer's megaphone. In the open desert there would be nothing for the sound to reflect off of.
  • As the car approaches the oil tanker, the vehicle shadows go off to the right for about 30 feet; when passing the truck though, the shadows are only about 5 feet.
  • Louise refers to the Thunderbird as being green. It's blue.
  • No matter how far they drive, Monument Valley is in the background.
  • In one scene with Monument Valley in the background, it's clearly a rear projection as the actresses bump up and down in their car seat. The highway is quite smooth in all other scenes.
  • If they are headed to Mexico from Oklahoma City and do not want to go through Texas, they never turned south in New Mexico. Instead, they end up in the "Four Corners" area of Utah in the Monument Valley, which is due west from where they started.
  • Louise fires 3 shots with the Trooper's gun to knock out the radio in his car. After the last shot, the weapon's slide is locked to the rear, indicating it's empty. The Model 1911 has a minimum magazine capacity of 7 rounds and the officer certainly would not be out on patrol with a half loaded gun,
  • After Louise is having a little quiet time by herself in the desert, Thelma comes by and asks her if she's ok, picks her up and they're back in the car; it's clearly night and dark. After they drive off, it's dawn. But the next shot, with them up-close in the car, it's suddenly night and dark again.


  • Louise stunt double can be seen in the review mirror just before the car drives off the cliff.
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