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  • On September 7 2017, Serbia, where much of the movie was filmed, granted citizenship to Ralph Fiennes.
  • Hayden Christensen, who trained extensively in ballet as a child, was first choice to star; however a persistent ankle injury prevented him from being able to perform to the standards demanded by Ralph Fiennes.
  • Louis Hofman and Sergei polunin have both appeared in Red sparrow (2018) together
  • When interviewed in 1961 about why he wanted to flee Russia, Nureyev said, "it is a life of bullying, for the artist as for everyone else, but most of all for the artist. When I was a student at ballet school, I was told what to think, what to read, how to spend my spare time, and who could be my friends. . . . Private life in the Soviet Union is impossible."
  • Ralph Fiennes originally did not want to be in the movie, knowing from experience how difficult it could be to both direct and act. But as he tried to get financing for the film he kept being asked if he was going to be in it, and when he said no, "I could see the light fading behind their eyes," because there were no other major names in it, "so finally I folded."
  • The James Bond character has long been associated with the Cold War. Actor Ralph Fiennes, who portrays M / Mallory in the James Bond films since 'Skyfall (2012), directed this dramatic biopic feature film, which was first released between the James Bond films 'Spectre' (2015) and 'Bond 25' (2020), and covers the defection from the former Soviet Union to the west of ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. After a number of film festival screenings in 2018, 'The White Crow' (2018) started theatrically releasing widely in a number of territories from around March 2019 which was around the time when 'Bond 25' (2020) started filming.
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