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Goofs from The Whistleblower (Chui shao ren)

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  • Mark and Judy's son was born in Australia, and thus would be an Australian Citizen. He would be at NO RISK of being deported back to Mainland China - and one of his parents would most likely be able to remain in Australia to look after him.
  • The Australian Rules football game shown on the television in the background is a broadcast of local Channel 7. This would mean that this scene is set on a Friday or Saturday night. The watermark on the TV shows "WFC" - which is not a real Australian channel.
  • There is no such airport or terminal at Melbourne Airport called "Melbourne Executive Airport"
  • Trains in Melbourne do not announce they are going "To The City" - they would announce the name of the station the train is terminating at, usually Flinders Street or Spencer Street.
  • The URL for the Facebook page is actually a C drive location.
  • The car chase sequences travels from Docklands to St Kilda to the CBD - this would be an odd way to travel as the CBD is in the middle of Docklands and St Kilda and there is no direct way to get to St Kilda from Docklands.
  • When the lit lighter is thrown down the shaft, it stays lit all the way. The frame of the type of lighter used would turn off as soon as the thumb is released from the trigger.
  • The strength of the cyclone shown at the start of the movie would be unheard of in Victoria. These types of cyclones would occur in the North of Australia.
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