The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Poster

Photos & Videos for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


  • Trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  • Trailer for the third installment in the vampire film series
  • Trailer for this vampire-centric follow up


  • Interview: Taylor Lautner "On having different directors for each film"
  • Clip: Battle recut
  • Interview: Ashley Green "On her character"
  • Featurette: Introducing Bree Tanner
  • Clip: It's someone we know
  • Interview: Dakota Fanning "On working on the movie"
  • Clip: Edward threatens Jacob
  • Interview: Robert Pattinson "On his character"
  • Clip: They'll be here in four days
  • Interview: Bryce Dallas Howard "On her responsibility to honor the character"
  • Clip: Bed scene
  • Clip: Ravine chase
  • Clip: She has a right to know
  • Featurette: The Alliance
  • Clip: Rosalie's advice to Bella
  • Clip: The Volturi decide
  • Clip: Bella visits the wolf pack
  • Clip: What did you do to me?
  • Interview: Kristen Stewart "On working with Taylor Lautner"
  • Clip: Doesn't he own a shirt?