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  • Principal photography took place in August 2017 in Norfolk, England.
  • Part filmed on an ex-RAF base in West Raynham in Norfolk. A few of the residents were invited to be extras.
  • Martin Scorsese joined the film as an executive producer after he saw and loved Archipelago (2010) (also directed by Hogg) for the first time while shooting Hugo (2011) in London in 2010. People and filmstudios would sent him DVD's to watch and Archipelago was one of them.
  • Joanna Hogg wrote the script based on her real-life experiences while attending film school in London in the early 80's. Tilda Swinton and Hogg have been friends since they were ten years old, and Swinton witnessed Hogg's relationship at the time. All actors read the script except for Honor Swinton Byrne. Director Joanna Hogg gave her instead her diaries from the early 80's, notes, photographs, old scripts and films she wrote and made at that time. She was told to improvise every scene, while the rest of the cast had scripts but were still told to react to her as well as they could. Hogg also gave Tom Burke old letters, recordings and drawings from the man his character is based on.
  • Honor Swinton Byrne is the real-life daughter of Tilda Swinton. The Souvenir (2019) and The Souvenir: Part II are her first film roles after playing the child version of Tilda Swinton's character in I Am Love (2009) 10 years earlier.
  • The films title 'The Souvenir' is named after an 18th century rococo painting of the same name by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, which features a woman scratching the initials of her lover onto a tree.
  • Julie's London flat is a perfect replica of the one that director Joanna Hogg lived in at that age. The set was built inside of an airplane hanger, and the city views seen through the windows are 35mm projections of photographs that Hogg took in her twenties.
  • Julie and Anthony's first interaction is actually the first time the actors had met and their relationship only flourished as they shot in story order.
  • In her twenties, Joanna Hogg studied at the National Film and Television School outside of London. Her graduation piece Caprice starred a then-unknown Tilda Swinton.
  • All projects that Julie makes at film school are based on actual projects that director Joanna Hogg made while attending film school in the early 80's.
  • Joanna Hogg always had the plan to make two parts since she started working on the story. The only question was to shoot both of them back to back or to shoot one first and then shoot the other.
  • Joanna Hogg already cast Tom Burke and Tilda Swinton, but couldn't find the right girl to portray Julie until just weeks before filming was supposed to start. When she met with Tilda Swinton to discuss her part, her daughter Honor Swinton Byrne happened to be there by coincidence and Hogg suddenly started to see Julie in her. Tilda Swinton and Joanna Hogg are friends since they were ten, so Hogg already knew Honor, but Hogg never thought about giving the role to Honor because she never acted before.
  • Jack W. Gregory was initially brought in for the part of Ray, however after a conversation with Joanna Hogg, he was brought in to consult with her and Tom Burke on several of the film's aspects due to his own past experiences.
  • The two dogs in the film belong to Tilda Swinton in real life.
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