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  • This film is not Karen Gillan's directorial debut. It was the short film Coward (2015) which made its European debut at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2015. This is however her first feature-length film.
  • 2nd film to be starring, written and directed by Karen Gillan. The 1st was Conventional (2015).
  • Lee Pace has previously starred opposite Karen Gillan in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) as Ronan the Accuser.
  • After production was completed on the film, Karen Gillan flew back to America to begin filming her scenes in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) which she returns in the role of Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017). The actress took a photo for her official Instragram account of her on the plane flying back to the United States.
  • The new title for this movie: 'The Party's Just Beginning', was revealed 04/21/17 on Karen Gillan's Instagram, where she shared an exclusive shot from the new film.
  • Karen Gillan said she started writing the script while shooting Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014). She said, "I was having such a good time getting to play this villain then come home and I'd have 'post it' notes all over my wall about this other film I was trying to make. It was the most fun ever."
  • Karen Gillan explained to Screen that she was forced to change the original title of the film. "The title is currently in limbo", she said. "Basically we had a title [Tupperware Party] and then realized that it was a brand name. That's actually the name of the company that makes those tubs, so currently we're deciding on a new title. I'm kind of digging the idea that we have to figure out a new title. I do believe that obstacles in creative situations often result in a better idea so I'm hoping that's the case here!"
  • In one of the scenes, Liusaidh and her mother talk about the recommendations given to the young lady by a person called Dr. Smith. Matt Smith played the Doctor in Doctor Who (2005) and Karen Gillan starred there as his long-time companion. When asked about the matching names in a Q&A session, Gillan was sincerely surprised and stated that this is a coincidence.
  • The Party's Just Beginning is a 2018 Scottish dark drama written, directed and starring the talented Karen Gillan and the film also stars Lee Pace, Siobhan Redmond and Matthew Beard. In the film, Karen Gillan stars as a depressed young woman troubled by her best friend's suicide and struggles to adjust to life without him and tries to drown her sorrows by partying, drinking, having sex and eating chips.
  • The film is the dark story of a young woman struggling to overcome her loss.
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