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The Offering

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A family struggling with loss find themselves at the mercy of an ancient demon trying to destroy them from the inside.


  • Nick Blood
  • Emily Wiseman
  • Allan Corduner
  • Paul Kaye
  • Jonathan Yunger
  • Velizar Binev
  • Daniel Ben Zenou
  • Nathan Cooper

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Jan 13, 2023

Ultimately, my problem with so many religious horror films like “The Offering” is that they’re insulated in a way that makes them more often boring than terrifying, willing to let a languid pace try to set the mood instead of actual plotting.

Metacritic review by Brian Tallerico
Brian Tallerico
Jan 13, 2023

The plot is pretty routine, but its finer points about religious faith and rituals give the creep-outs and jump-scares real nuance. What makes this such a satisfying horror film is its cultural specificity.

Metacritic review by Noel Murray
Noel Murray
Los Angeles Times
Jan 12, 2023

The Offering won’t get any points for originality, but people looking for well-crafted horror can’t go wrong with Park’s latest film.

Marco Vito Oddo