The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 20th Anniversary

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In the conclusion of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic masterpiece, The Lord of the Rings, as armies mass for a final battle that will decide the fate of the world--and powerful, ancient forces of Light and Dark compete to determine the outcome--one member of the Fellowship of the Ring is revealed as the noble heir to the throne of the Kings of Men. Yet, the sole hope for triumph over evil lies with a brave hobbit, Frodo, who, accompanied only by his loyal friend Sam and the hideous, wretched Gollum, ventures deep into the very dark heart of Mordor on his seemingly impossible quest to destroy the Ring of Power.

Prior to the film, audiences will be treated to an introduction from Elijah Wood (Frodo) discussing the impact of the LOTR trilogy and why fans return again and again to immerse themselves in this storyworld. With recent footage captured at LA Comic Con of the World Premiere of the brand new LOTR Roleplaying tabletop game, Elijah takes audiences through this limited fan event with a celebrity cast to raise support for Extra Life for Kids, a program of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.


  • Noel Appleby
  • Ali Astin
  • Sean Astin
  • David Aston
  • John Bach
  • Sean Bean
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Ian McKellen
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Elijah Wood

Atom User Reviews

5.0 out of 5
Verified Review

There is no film in motion picture history that has ever earned more Academy Awards than this one, and only two (Avatar and Ben-Hur) have equaled it. The capstone of a magnum opus was groundbreaking and holds up very well. I only wish it was the Extended Edition!

Sean N
Verified Review

The movie was fantastic... the 38 minutes of Atom Tickets commercials we had to sit through (including sitting through several twice) was NOT good.

Shawn L



The conclusion of Peter Jackson's masterwork is passionate and literate, detailed and expansive, and it's conceived with a risk-taking flair for old-fashioned movie magic at its most precious.

Metacritic review by Lisa Schwarzbaum
Lisa Schwarzbaum
Entertainment Weekly

The second installment was better than the first, and this one is best of all. It has spectacular action scenes and imaginary creatures, and it’s by far the most moving chapter. The performances have deepened.

Metacritic review by David Ansen
David Ansen