The Long Night

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While searching for the parents she’s never known, New York transplant Grace (Scout Taylor-Compton) returns to her childhood southern stomping grounds with her boyfriend (Nolan Gerard Funk) to investigate a promising lead on her family’s whereabouts. Upon arrival, the couple’s weekend takes a bizarre, terrifying turn as a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader terrorize the pair en route to fulfilling a twisted ancient apocalyptic prophecy.


  • Scott Daniel
  • Wendy Oates
  • Adam Weston Poell
  • Erika Stasiuleviciute

Atom User Reviews

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Jun 30, 2022

The Long Night’s understanding of horror genre fulfillment is nonexistent, no more satisfying than rice cakes with a little red food coloring splashed on to mimic spooky decorations.

Matt Donato
Paste Magazine
Mar 29, 2022

There are a couple of effective moments, a chill here and there, a canted camera that captures Grace’s possession by whatever “snake” this cult worships.

Metacritic review by Roger Moore
Roger Moore
Movie Nation
Feb 7, 2022

The Long Night may not be revolutionary, it's definitely got its own dark magic.

Metacritic review by Richard Whittaker
Richard Whittaker
Austin Chronicle