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The Little Rascals

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Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and the other characters made famous in the Our Gang shorts of the 1920s and 1930s are brought back to life in this nostalgic children's comedy. Although the setting is the present day, the characters remain much the same, down to their old-fashioned clothing and their membership in the He-man Womun Haters Club. When Alfalfa (Bug Hall) starts to question his devotion to the club's principles after falling for the beautiful nine-year old Darla (Brittany Ashton Holmes), the rest of the gang sets out to keep them apart. An attempt to win the grand prize in a go-cart race also comes into play, providing opportunities for physical comedy, while Darla's and Alfalfa's story trades on the humor of innocent puppy love. Most critics found the film less a tribute to the original series of shorts than a blatant attempt to capitalize on the familiar name, though younger audiences may be entertained by the simple gags and child-like attitude.~ Judd Blaise, All Movie Guide


  • Travis Tedford
  • Kevin Jamal Woods
  • Jordan Warkol
  • Zachary Mabry
  • Ross Bagley
  • Courtland Mead
  • Sam Saletta
  • Blake Jeremy Collins
  • Blake McIver Ewing
  • Juliette Brewer

Did You Know?


  • Director Penelope Spheeris admits the biggest challenge of filming was working with the younger kids as they often had problems saying their lines properly.
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  • (at around 10 mins) While the gang is on the bridge watching Darla and Alfalfa in the boat, Buckwheat says, "It's worse than I thought." Standing behind him you can see Uh-huh (the character that is only supposed to say "Uh-huh") mouthing the word "thought".
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    • Darla: Alfalfa, that's a part of you I've never seen before!
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A throwback to the days when gangs met in clubhouses instead of crack houses, raced go-carts instead of stolen cars and brandished slingshots instead of semiautomatics, The Little Rascals is the best 1936 movie made in 1994. [05 Aug 1994, p.03]

Metacritic review by Carrie Rickey
Carrie Rickey
Philadelphia Inquirer

The Little Rascals is nowhere near as annoying as it could have been -- you will actually catch yourself laughing in spots -- and the tykes will love it. [05 Aug 1994, p.G5]

Metacritic review by Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald

Kinda cute, laced with a few chuckles, but mostly just annoying, the new feature film version of The Little Rascals is not likely to go down in history as a paean to kids or a filmic delight for anyone much older than 7. [05 Aug 1994, p.C3]

Metacritic review by Peter Stack
Peter Stack
San Francisco Chronicle