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The Last Bus

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Life is a journey and The Last Bus takes our old soldier, 90-year-old Tom Harper (Timothy Spall) on an epic trip from his home of fifty years - a remote village in the most northerly point of Scotland - back to the place he was born - close to England's most southerly point. Battling against time, age and fate, desperate to keep a promise to his beloved wife Mary (Phyllis Logan), our intrepid hero Tom embarks on an odyssey, revisiting his past, connecting with the modern world and a diverse, multi-cultural Britain he has never experienced. The Last Bus is a road movie; a film about love, loss and the human spirit. A film that reminds us we are not alone - and that we're all on this ride together...


  • Timothy Spall
  • Phyllis Logan
  • Grace Calder
  • Brian Pettifer
  • Celyn Jones
  • Colin McCredie
  • Kevin Mains
  • Iain Robertson
  • Marnie Baxter
  • Garry Sweeney

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Aug 31, 2021

As beautiful as some of the landscapes are, and as brilliant as Spall is in repose, there is only so much sitting on a bus looking wistful that one actor can do. Other than Spall’s steady gaze and some mood-book photography, The Last Bus has little to recommend it.

Metacritic review by Benji Wilson
Benji Wilson
The Telegraph
Aug 31, 2021

Try as I might, I couldn’t make friends with this weirdly unreal and sentimental Britmovie in the last-journey-with-someone’s-ashes genre. But it is certainly acted with commitment and integrity by Timothy Spall.

Metacritic review by Peter Bradshaw
Peter Bradshaw
The Guardian
Aug 31, 2021

The journey is a nice excuse to paint Tom into a cheerily cosmopolitan portrait of the UK.

Simran Hans
The Observer (UK)