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Goofs from The Last Black Man in San Francisco

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  • We are told repeatedly of the house's location at Golden Gate and Fillmore. When we first see the house, however, the camera pans away and we can see a street sign--it is somewhat blurred, but it clearly says "20th." Neither 20th St. nor 20th Ave. are anywhere near that location. Articles about the making of the film note that the house that provided exterior location shots is actually on So. Van Ness between 20th and 21st Streets.
  • When Jimmie and Mont first visit the house Jimmie says that the railings are Periwinkle not black> Periwinkle is a light blue/violet, not anything close to black.
  • Near the end when Jimmie visits Mont on the boat dock, the tide is clearly out. Seconds later when they hug there is water all around the dock.
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