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    • Sir John Falstaff: A king has no friends. Only followers and foe.
    • The Dauphin of France: Please! Please, speak English. I enjoy to speak English. It is simple and ugly.
    • Lord Chamberlain: Who are you?
    • Sir John Falstaff: I am I. Who are you?
    • Lord Chamberlain: What is your purpose here?
    • Sir John Falstaff: I think you just woke me up from it, didn't you?
    • Hal: You expect of me a speech? I have only one to give, and it is the same one I'd give were we not standing on the brim of a battlefield. It is the same one I'd give were we to meet in the street by chance. I have only ever hoped for one thing... to see this kingdom united under this English crown. All men are born to die. We know it. We carry it with us always. If your day be today, so be it. Mine will be tomorrow. Or mine today and yours tomorrow. It matters not. What matters is that you know, in your hearts, that today you are that kingdom united. You are England. Each and every one of you. England is you. And it is the space between you. Fight not for yourselves, fight for that space. Fill that space. Make it tissue. Make it mass. Make it impenetrable. Make it yours! Make it England! Make it England! Great men to it Captains and Lords. Great men to it!
    • Hal: You shall suffer the indignity of serving me, the wayward son you so revile
    • Hal: If this be your intention, i say you let it be known plainly, and that you desist from this timorous slither, in which you presently engage.
    • William: Promise can never be an end in itself
    • Hal: An event as pivotal as this one should be amply equipped to penetrate the fog of time elapsed
    • The Dauphin: Well then, boy, let us make famous that field out there. This little village of Agincourt, that will forever mark the site of your callow disgrace.
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