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    • [examining Excalibur]
    • Alex: There's something written on the guard. Put it into Google Translate.
    • Bedders: It means "Sword of Arthur". What if it's the Sword in the Stone?
    • Alex: Who will join us?
    • [no one responds]
    • Young Merlin: How humiliating.
    • Principal: This is instead of lessons today!
    • [the students cheer]
    • Bedders: Where did you learn how to drive?
    • Kaye: Mario Kart
    • [from trailer]
    • Young Merlin: Alexander Elliot! It was you who drew the sword!
    • Bedders: Alex - don't die.
    • Alex: I'll do my best.
    • [The kids are sitting in a line, shivering ]
    • Bedders: We should huddle together to keep warm.
    • Lance: I'm not huddling anybody. I don't huddle.
    • [Scene cuts to them huddling together ]
    • Miss Foster: Pay attention, everybody - we have a new pupil joining the class today. Why don't you introduce yourself?
    • Young Merlin: Greetings, young academicians, my name is... Mertin. Yes, that's right, Mertin Ambrosius Caledonensis, and I am a perfectly normal, contemporary British school boy.
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