The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

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The story of Theranos, a multi-billion dollar tech company, its founder Elizabeth Holmes, the youngest self-made female billionaire, and the massive fraud that collapsed the company.


  • Elizabeth Holmes
  • Errol Morris
  • Roger Parloff
  • Tyler Shultz
  • John Carreyrou
  • Dan Ariely
  • Bill Draper
  • David Boies
  • Cheryl Gafner
  • Cheryl Gafner

Did You Know?


  • The film's producer met with Elizabeth Holmes early in development, before criminal charges were filed, to determine whether she could be interviewed for the film. Ultimately the director decided he wanted to portray how Holmes carefully crafted Theranos and her own image to be seen by the public, up until the story unraveled. Accordingly, aside from brief footage from her deposition, all footage of Holmes seen in the film is from archival material from before she was charged, most of it her own commissioned promotional video for Theranos. Alex Gibney remarked "She made the documentary she wanted me to invest in and I used it to a different purpose."
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Mar 19, 2019

It's a study in deception, and as told by filmmaker Alex Gibney (Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room), it's a disturbing and sad one.

Metacritic review by Matt Zoller Seitz
Matt Zoller Seitz
Mar 15, 2019

Alex Gibney’s documentary tells a dramatic, if somewhat workmanlike, story of Silicon Valley hubris meeting old-fashioned scamming.

Metacritic review by Chris Barsanti
Chris Barsanti
Slant Magazine