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The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

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On the way to California, a family has the misfortune to have their car break down in an area closed to the public, and inhabited by violent savages ready to attack.


  • Susan Lanier
  • John Steadman
  • Janus Blythe
  • Dee Wallace-Stone
  • Peter Locke
  • Russ Grieve
  • Virginia Vincent
  • James Whitworth
  • Susan Lanier
  • Dee Wallace
  • Lance Gordon
  • Brenda Marinoff
  • Michael Berryman
  • Robert Houston
  • Martin Speer

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Despite some admittedly intense sequences and a lean, spare script, The Hills Have Eyes hasn't aged all that well, particularly the business with the cannibals, who are more likely to inspire laughter from modern viewers than anything else. [31 Oct 2003, p.22G]

Metacritic review by Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald