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  • When Ben is seen crossing the Oakland Bay Bridge on his way to Berkeley he is driving on the upper of the two decks of the Bridge which only carries traffic westbound from Oakland to San Francisco and thus would be taking him away from Berkeley. The only way to get to Berkeley by way of the Bay Bridge is to drive Eastbound, and all such traffic is carried only on the lower deck of the Bridge.
  • During the "plastics" speech, we see a shot of Mr. McGuire and Ben from the middle of the living room. In the next shot, they are by the sliding door.
  • On Benjamin's driving trips from Berkeley to LA, he goes through a tunnel. This tunnel, north of Santa Barbara, is actually a northbound tunnel. There is no southbound tunnel, contrary to the scenes in the movie.
  • When Ben is in the hotel bar waiting for Mrs. Robinson he takes a sip of his drink and the glass has ice in it, when he sets the glass down and there is a reflection of Mrs. Robinson on the glass table there is no ice in the glass.
  • When Ben tells his parents he is going to Berkley to see Elaine he is wearing a black collared shirt under a brown jacket. When he is sitting on the fountain at Berkley waiting for Elaine it switches to a white collared shirt, then back to black in the next scene when he is getting a room.
  • When Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson meet at the hotel bar, Benjamin unsuccessfully attempts to draw the attention of a passing waiter. In the glass wall behind them, the waiter can be seen to stop as he leaves the frame and wait for his cue to re-enter.
  • When Ben is outside Elaine's house watching the Robinsons pack the car, he puts his hand on the rear-view mirror. In the next shot, which is a close-up of the rear-view mirror, the hand is nowhere.
  • When Ben is sitting in bed smoking a cigarette, he reaches up to the shades and when his hand shows up again in the scene, the cigarette is no longer there. In fact he simply switches it from his right to his left hand out of shot before he reaches for the blinds and you can still see the smoke coming up.
  • As Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson drive and run through the "rain" near the Robinson house, the lawns and shrubbery in the background are lit by bright sunshine.
  • In the "What are you so scared of" scene towards the beginning, Mrs. Robinson has her shoulders slouching to the left. In the next shot, from the reverse, they are slouching to the right.
  • In the first scene at the airport, Ben walks close towards the automatic door, past a pillar. In the next shot, he hasn't reached the pillar, and walks for a few second to reach where he was where the cut occurred.
  • When Mrs. Robinson gets Benjamin to come inside her home, she turns on the stereo after making a drink for Benjamin. They go upstairs then, and when Benjamin hears Mr. Robinson pulling up to the house and rushes downstairs, the music is no longer playing.
  • The Robinsons are always able to draw fresh ice from the ice bucket on their bar, even after they have been away at a party, presumably for several hours.
  • When Benjamin and Elaine are in his Berkley room, at one point his face is full of shaving cream and he starts to shave. When he suddenly decides to stop shaving and wipes all of the shaving cream off with a towel, he has no stubble or growth on his face. He did not need to shave to begin with.
  • When Ben and Elaine are at the drive-in on their first date, they are talking and there is a foot just behind Ben resting on what seems to be the edge of the car. The foot seems to belong to someone in the next car. The camera angle changes and the foot is gone.
  • The University of California at Berkeley has no electric bells announcing the beginning or end of classes.
  • It is night when Ben drives Mrs. Robinson home, yet when they walk through the house to the greenhouse area, it is clearly bright and sunny outside, and the light filtering into the room is obviously natural light from outside, not from electric lights.
  • In several scenes when the Alfa Romeo Spider is being driven aggressively, the engine note is a dubbed on American V-8 rather than the burbling four cylinder that it should be.
  • As Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson drive and run through the "rain" near the Robinson house, the lawns and shrubbery in the background are lit by bright sunshine.
  • In the German-dubbed version, pronounced footsteps (of the kind produced by stilettos and boots walking on concrete) are heard when Mrs. Robinson and Benjamin walk up to the former's house, even though they are walking on soft grass.
  • When Mr. Robinson sits with Benjamin at his sun-porch bar he lights a large cigar during their conversation. After it's initial puff the cigar goes out, but Mr. Robinson continues to handle and draw on it as if it were fully lit.
  • At the backyard birthday party for Benjamin, his father keeps whispering to him at the kitchen door, and Ben replies, hidden just a few inches away. Yet, in the next moment, when Mr. Braddock opens the door for him, he is 20 feet away, fully encased in a scuba mask and cowl, with the regulator in his mouth, and all sound cut off from the outside world.
  • Prior to getting into the pool in the scuba gear. Benjamin is in the house talking back and forth with his father. When it finally time for him to come out, his farther calls him and he walks out. But for some reason once he outside he can't hear a word anyone is saying.


  • When Ben sabotages Elaine's wedding, Mrs. Robinson tells Elaine that it's "too late" to return to Ben. She replies, "Not for me!" Her voice sounds as if she's screaming the line, but her mouth moves as if she's only whispering it.
  • Mr. Robinson claims he is divorcing Mrs. Robinson, yet they are apparently together again at Elaine's wedding. However, this might have been a claim made to Ben by Mr. Robinson to push him further away from Elaine. Or, it's possible they really were divorced, but decided to stand together for their daughter's wedding.
  • At the end of the movie, a brawl ensues as guests try to stop Elaine and Benjamin from leaving together; one shot of Ben fighting off Mr. Robinson, the camera's shadow on the left side of the screen is briefly seen shifting away from the wall.
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