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    • Siggi Honka: Life's a barrel organ, and the Lord God turns the crank. We're aIl but dancers to His tune, and have our fate to thank.
    • Fritz Honka: Can't say anything against that.
    • Siggi Honka: Yeah, or this one:Life's a card game. If you want to pIay, you have to take the hand you're dealt.
    • Fritz Honka: Yeah, my brother knows aIl the best sayings.
    • Siggi Honka: Right. Like this one: Flowers are like people: the fatter, the dumber.
    • Siggi Honka: There are preciseIy three reasons why people drink: First, to forget about the bad things. Second, to celebrate the good things. And third, when nothing's going on, to make things happen.
    • Gisela: Every little worm does its best.
    • Inge: Pride goes before a fall. I'm telIing you. Be friendly on your way up. Because on your way down, you're gonna meet them aIl again. And they all come down sometime. Or something like that.
    • Herbert Nürnberg: Nicknames here are like titIes. We have first- and second-cIass ones.
    • Passant: And what's a first-class nickname?
    • Herbert Nürnberg: Double names. SS Norbert, Tampon Günther, Bulgarian Harry. Rum-and-Coke Waltraut, Schnapps Uschi. Ernie the Nose, Ginny Max.
    • Passant: How do you get a name like that?
    • Herbert Nürnberg: He drinks gin morning, noon and night.
    • Passant: And his name's Max?
    • Herbert Nürnberg: No. Peter. Max since he brags to the max when he's drunk. That's Arne. We call him "Anus" and everybody Iaughs.
    • Fritz Honka (jung): Why are the curtains closed?
    • Herbert Nürnberg: So people don't see the sun.
    • Fritz Honka (jung): PeopIe don't drink when the sun is shining.
    • Fritz Honka: PunctuaIity is not everything, but without it, aIl is nothing.
    • Siggi Honka: Hatred is clear, love is deadly.
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