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  • In one scene the Royal Navy's rescue submersible LR5 is being loaded on a Norwegian ship. In the background at the dock there is a yellow truck with a flatbed trailer. The truck is a DAF XF Euro 6 model which did not exist at time the movie is set. DAF started production of this model only in 2013. The sinking of the Kursk took place in 2000.
  • 27 minutes into the film (the explosions already have happened), while the survivors scramble for solutions, Mikhail (the main character) shouts orders to another compartment, using what is supposed to be an intercom, a red box mounted to the sub's bulkhead. The box is in fact an American World-War 2 military VHF receiver, model BC-603. It was used by the American Signal Corps. The original color is army-green, but the props department painted it red.
  • On 31st minute, we see small, compared to water above, submarine. Actually Kursk was lying at 108 meters deep, what is less, than its length (154 meters).
  • When Colin Firth is in the Operations Room, one of the female Lieutents, in the blue jumper, has her rank epaulet on upside down on her left shoulder. The 'Ring' is at the top when worn correctly.
  • Although the film implies that the 23 survivors of the initial blasts lived up to a week, just dying before rescue, they had actually all died within 11 hours. No rescue attempts had even begun at that point.
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