The Cabin in the Woods

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Movie Info & Cast


A group of five college kids are tricked into spending a weekend at a mysterious cabin in the woods.


  • Kristen Connolly
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Anna Hutchison
  • Fran Kranz
  • Jesse Williams
  • Richard Jenkins
  • Bradley Whitford
  • Brian White
  • Amy Acker
  • Tim DeZarn

Did You Know?


  • One of two films featuring Chris Hemsworth that had been filmed in 2009, but not released until 2012. The other being Red Dawn (2012).
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  • When Dana first enters the cabin she leaves the door open, the film cuts to Marty standing outside where we see the door close. When the scene cuts back to Dana the others are walking in through an open door.
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    • [Curt sees that Jules is holding textbooks about Soviet economics and the Cold War]
    • Curt: What is this? What are these? What are you doing with these?
    • Dana: Okay. I get it. I'll leave the books.
    • [angrily to Jules]
    • Curt: No, no, no. Who gave you these? Who taught you about these?
    • Jules: I learned it from you! Okay? I learned it from watching you!
    • [She runs out of the room in tears. Curt laughs]
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Apr 16, 2012

A horror-movie attic sale is, in essence, exactly what Cabin in the Woods is, an attempt to exorcise the genre of its formulaic possession by stuffing the movie full of its most overused and predictable elements - and then dumping them through clever skewering.

Metacritic review by Ian Buckwalter
Ian Buckwalter