The Birds

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Alfred Hitchcock's famous classic where a flock of birds terrorize the small town Bodega Bay.


  • Rod Taylor
  • Jessica Tandy
  • Suzanne Pleshette
  • Tippi Hedren
  • Veronica Cartwright
  • Ethel Griffies
  • Charles McGraw
  • Ruth McDevitt
  • Lonny Chapman
  • Joe Mantell

Did You Know?


  • This movie featured three hundred seventy effects shots. The final shot is a composite of thirty-two separately filmed elements.
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  • When Melanie was driving her car to deliver the lovebirds, there's a shot of the front of the car and the camera is reflected in the window.
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    • Mitch Brenner: Be able to find your way back all right?
    • Melanie Daniels: In case you're interested, I was pushed into that fountain.
    • Mitch Brenner: Without any clothes on?
    • Melanie Daniels: With all my clothes on. The newspaper that ran that story happens to be a rival of my father's paper.
    • Mitch Brenner: You're just a poor, innocent victim of circumstances, huh?
    • Melanie Daniels: Well I'm neither poor nor innocent, but the truth of that particular...
    • Mitch Brenner: Truth is you were running around with a pretty wild crowd, isn't it?
    • Melanie Daniels: Well yes, that's the truth, but I was pushed into that fountain, and that's the truth, too.
    • Mitch Brenner: Uh huh. Do you really know Annie Hayworth?
    • Melanie Daniels: No. At least I didn't till I came up here.
    • Mitch Brenner: So you didn't go to school together?
    • Melanie Daniels: Oh, yes.
    • Melanie Daniels: No.
    • Mitch Brenner: And you didn't come up here to see her.
    • Melanie Daniels: No.
    • Mitch Brenner: You were lying!
    • Melanie Daniels: Yes, I was lying.
    • Mitch Brenner: Will I be seeing you again?
    • Melanie Daniels: San Francisco's a long way from here.
    • Mitch Brenner: Well, I'm in San Francisco five days a week with a lot of time on my hands, I'd like to see you. Maybe we could go swimming or something. Mother tells me you like to swim.
    • Melanie Daniels: How does Mother know what I like to do?
    • Mitch Brenner: I guess we read the same gossip columns.
    • Melanie Daniels: Oh, that. Rome.
    • Mitch Brenner: Yeah, I really like to swim, I think we might get along very well.
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Genuinely disturbing thriller classic from the master of suspense.

Metacritic review by Kim Newman
Kim Newman

The essential Hitchcock movie, the purest and most confident, a brilliant distillation of the themes that had fueled him ever since he sent the lodger creeping to his upstairs room.

Metacritic review by Xan Brooks
Xan Brooks
The Guardian