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Tank Girl

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A girl is among the few survivors of a dystopian Earth. Riding a war tank, she fights against the tyranny of a mega-corporation that dominates the remaining potable water supply of the planet.


  • Lori Petty
  • Ice-T
  • Naomi Watts
  • Don Harvey
  • Jeff Kober
  • Reg E. Cathey
  • Scott Coffey
  • Malcolm McDowell
  • Stacy Linn Ramsower
  • Ann Cusack

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Whatever the faults of Tank Girl, lack of ambition is not one of them.

Metacritic review by Roger Ebert
Roger Ebert
Chicago Sun-Times

Since this is thoroughly tongue in cheek, Tank Girl has a likable brashness, even when breathless, pointless plotting threatens to eclipse the movie's charms. Chief among its strong points is Lori Petty, a buzz-cut fashion plate in a Prozac necklace, who brings the necessary gusto to Tank Girl's flippancy.

Metacritic review by Janet Maslin
Janet Maslin
The New York Times