Straight Outta Compton

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In the mid-1980s, the streets of Compton, California, were some of the most dangerous in the country. When five young men translated their experiences growing up into brutally honest music that rebelled against abusive authority, they gave an explosive voice to a silenced generation. Following the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A., this documentary tells the astonishing story of how these young men revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war.


  • O'Shea Jackson Jr.
  • Corey Hawkins
  • Jason Mitchell
  • Neil Brown Jr.
  • Aldis Hodge
  • Marlon Yates Jr.
  • R. Marcos Taylor
  • Carra Patterson
  • Alexandra Shipp
  • Paul Giamatti

Did You Know?


  • Compton is an inner-ring suburb in south-southeast of Los Angeles County, California, USA (nicknamed the "Hub City" due to its central location at the confluence of the I-110, SR-91, I-710, and the Alameda Corridor.
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  • The opening scene is set in 1986, and Eazy-E is seen wearing the black and white Chicago White Sox hat. However the White Sox did not adopt that logo until 1991.
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    • [from trailer]
    • Jerry Heller: Let me tell you what I see here: a lot of raw talent. Swagger. Bravado. People are scared of you guys. They think you're dangerous, but the world needs to hear it.
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

Really a good movie w/ "some" insight to who n.w.a really was.

Michael C
Verified Review

a great birdseye view of the NWA tome!

talitha N


Jul 31, 2015

If the movie pushes most of the ugliest behavior off onto side players (like the notorious Suge Knight, played by R. Marcus Taylor), it does for the most part fulfill its mission, breathing life into the origin story of a group whose influence is still being felt.

Metacritic review by John DeFore
John DeFore
The Hollywood Reporter
Jul 31, 2015

Despite a twisty, juicy and compelling story, there remains a staid conventionality that keeps the political and thematic undercurrents from being explored as satisfyingly as one might hope.

Tim Grierson
Screen Daily
Jul 31, 2015

Even with the film’s mild flaws and arms-wide-open approach, it tells a powerful, engaging and compelling story of how America challenged and changed five young black men, and how they in turn challenged and changed America.

Metacritic review by James Rocchi
James Rocchi