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Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.


  • James Franco
  • Selena Gomez
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Ashley Benson
  • Rachel Korine
  • Gucci Mane
  • Heather Elizabeth Morris
  • Ash Lendzion
  • Emma Holzer
  • Lee Irby

Atom User Reviews

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Mar 25, 2013

The movie is wild, but not in the ways that you expect, and it’s also surprisingly chaste — you think you see a lot more than you actually do.

Metacritic review by Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez
Miami Herald
Mar 21, 2013

Starts out like a salacious, rump-centric and blithely bare-breasted hip-hop video and ends up in the realm of scary and inspired trash. That's not meant negatively.

Metacritic review by Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips
Chicago Tribune
Mar 14, 2013

In Spring Breakers [Mr. Korine] bores into a contested, deeply American topic — the pursuit of happiness taken to nihilistic extremes — but turns his exploration into such a gonzo, outrageously funny party that it takes a while to appreciate that this is more of a horror film than a comedy.

Metacritic review by Manohla Dargis
Manohla Dargis
The New York Times