Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

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A wild stallion is captured by humans and slowly loses the will to resist training, yet, throughout his struggles for freedom, the stallion refuses to let go of the hope of one day returning home to his herd.


  • Matt Damon
  • James Cromwell
  • Daniel Studi
  • Chopper Bernet
  • Jeff LeBeau
  • John Rubano
  • Richard McGonagle
  • Matthew Levin
  • Adam Paul
  • Robert Cait

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Rather exciting, rendered in a bright sunset palette and a mixture of expressive, boldly drawn traditional animation and fluid computer-generated imagery.

Metacritic review by Hazel-Dawn Dumpert
Hazel-Dawn Dumpert
L.A. Weekly

It's an extraordinary feat of animation, possibly the most lovingly conceived, uncompromisingly executed and totally successful animated film since The Lion King.

Metacritic review by William Arnold
William Arnold
Seattle Post-Intelligencer

As it stands, Spirit provides neither the profound human touch of the great Disney animation of the past, nor the dazzling, high-tech fun of present-day digital cartooning.

Metacritic review by Dave Kehr
Dave Kehr
The New York Times