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  • The first part of the movie, shows our main character in modern times (2018). When the movie flashes back 25 years earlier it says it's 1962, that means it would be 55 yrs. earlier, not 25 yrs.
  • Don Aronow (Ben Aronoff) was murdered in 1987. The cars in that scene are period-correct for that time. However, the boats playing around off the beach in 1962 both had modern outboard engines, not period-correct.
  • During the DEA meeting putting the case together they show a slide from a horse race. The agent mentions the horse is "Winning the Breeder's Cup last Spring." The Breeder's Cup is an end-of-the-year championship that is always held in Oct-November.
  • The first boat Travolta looked at was described as having "twin V-8s" but on the trailer in the driveway is revealed to have a single screw. Also, it had only one set of controls.
  • At approximately 1hr 8 minutes John Travolta (Ben Aronof) and Michael Weston (Shelly Katz) are seen getting out of a Jaguar XJ (X300) this car was made from 1994 to 1997, a few minutes later we are told the year is 1987.
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