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  • After Wile E. Coyote crashes into the auditorium, Daffy steps on his nose. In the very next shot, Daffy is walking down the aisle, but Wile E. is not visible behind him.
  • The sweat on Michael's jersey while he is warming up with the Looney Tunes
  • Many of the Monstars jump and slam from beyond the three point line, but every one is only counted as two points.
  • When Stan Podolak falls in the Birmingham Barons' dugout, we can clearly see the mat that he falls on.
  • The arena and the arena floor change during the Knicks-Suns game at the beginning.
  • When Tweety is surrounded by the Monstars and he fights them off with karate, the timer is visible in the background, set at 12:00. Before this scene, the timer was at 5:01.
  • At Madison Square Garden, the court changes from having only the professional three point line and an orange lane. Later on in the scene, there are two three point lines, college and professional, and the lane is now blue.
  • When Daffy Duck is strutting down the runway showing off his many different looks, his basketball sneakers are shaped like regular sneakers at the toe. In the next shot, they are shaped like his webbed feet.
  • When Stan is inflated out of his pancake state and flies past the scoreboard, the Tune Squad's score is shown as 67. Seconds later, their score is shown as 76.
  • After the alien steals Patrick Ewing's talent the referee throws the ball to him for a free throw. The ball hits Ewing in the chest. When Michael is watching TV and sees the replay of the incident, the ball hits Ewing in the forehead.
  • When Michael's children shoo Barkley the bulldog, the shot of the dog leaving is a mismatched composite shot. The dog is shot from a high camera angle, but the background plate is at a low angle.
  • When the green monster says, 'you're all washed up, baldy', he is to the left of Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan reacts and says 'baldy?', he looks up to the right.
  • When the talent is stolen from Patrick Ewing, the first clock shows 6:07 left. When the camera pans the other way and when he heads to the free throw line, the clock shows 6:13 left.
  • When Charles the Dog jumps on Michael Jordan to lick him when he comes home from his baseball game, the dog is clearly a stuffed animal.
  • When Swackhammer says to the little Nerdluck, "Nice! Did you see the move on that one?" the Nerdluck is red. Previously, the Nerdluck had been a brownish color.
  • When Bill was first shown on the court for the Tune Squad, he didn't have a hat on. Then in the next shot of him he has a hat on backwards.
  • Lola is not among the Toons exercising to the Richard Simmons video, but appears in the gym out of nowhere a few seconds later, just after Michael Jordan enters in his uniform.
  • Larry Johnson only grazes the hospital doorway, but is still knocked out like Shawn Bradley and Patrick Ewing.
  • Porky Pig interrupts a Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner cartoon to announce an emergency "cartoon character union meeting". Later, when Daffy is complaining about his job while retrieving Michael Jordan's gear, he says, "If this were a union job..." However, the "union meeting" is just the excuse Porky gives for the cartoons to gather and talk about the aliens. It doesn't need to match up with Daffy's comments.
  • When Michael is sucked through the golf hole by the Looney Tunes, only his left shoe flies off his foot and lands on the green, not both of them. When Michael emerges in the cartoon world, you can clearly see that he has only one shoe on his right foot and only a sock on his left.
  • When Michael first arrives home after the baseball game, the name of the dog "Charles" is on the dog house. When Daffy goes to Michael's house to get his shoes and shorts and the dog attacks him, the name is missing.
  • In the beginning during the Suns-Knicks game, after Barkley's talent is taken he is standing around waving his arms. The shot clock above the goal counts down 9, 8, 7 then the basket is made which resets the shot clock to 24 after this the clock goes 24, 23, 24, 23.
  • Daffy is a duck, and ducks don't dig tunnels. When he and Bugs are getting Jordan's UNC shorts, Bugs leads Daffy to the house in a tunnel, but when they disagree about which way to go in, Daffy tunnels to the back door by himself.
  • At the end of the movie when MJ returns to the Bulls, his first game back is depicted against the Orlando Magic, when in reality, his first game back was actually against the Indiana Pacers.
  • Michael calls Shawn Bradley "Pat" when they are about to get their talents back.
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