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  • In the end credit music listings for Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," Freddie Mercury's first name is misspelled as "Freddy."
  • Even if Sonic's electromagnetic pulse didn't knock out cell phones themselves, it would affect the cell towers making them useless. Tom calling Wade during the blackout wouldn't have happened either way.
  • When Sonic and Robotnik arrive in Egypt near the Giza pyramids, there's nothing but desert visible in all directions. The pyramids and the Sphinx are actually surrounded by roads, numerous other monuments, and city on three sides. There's a Pizza Hut less than 1000 feet from the Sphinx itself.
  • Tails' voice actor, Colleen O'Shaughnessey's name was misspelled in the credits as "O'Shaugnessy"
  • When Sonic super-speeds to push Tom and Maddie off the roof, the bag disappears.
  • After Sonic is woken up by the smelling salt, he super-speeds around the kitchen. When he stops, the bowl with the oranges stays upright with all the oranges still inside. When Maddie and Tom goes into the other room to talk, the bowl is inexplicably tipped on its side with three oranges lying on the table.
  • Police speed radar measures the speed at which an object is approaching or receding. Sonic running across the beam would barely register.
  • When Sonic is shown reading a stack of comic books taller than he is (at least 100 issues), there are actually only four issues rotated multiple times in varying order in the special effects shot.
  • When Sonic crosses off the slam dunk item on his bucket list, the item relating to the mechanical bull is already crossed off although that scene hasn't been shown yet.
  • The bucket list Tom looks at after Sonic falls asleep in the motel room is different from the list shown before. It contains some of the same items, but they are not in the positions relative to each other that were shown previously.
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