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Sleepaway Camp

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Bunks and showers are a mad stabber's beat at a summer camp strictly for teens.


  • Felissa Rose
  • Jonathan Tiersten
  • Karen Fields
  • Christopher Collet
  • Mike Kellin
  • Katherine Kamhi
  • Paul DeAngelo
  • Thomas E. van Dell
  • Loris Diran
  • John E. Dunn

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Seriously, watching Angela (and to a lesser extent Ricky) being targeted throughout the film is like watching a group of shrill brats shooting rocks at a baby bird—if it wasn’t so obvious that everyone’s non-stop cruelty was in service of some big-reveal, or if the performances weren’t so damn preening, the film would be completely intolerable.

Metacritic review by Ed Gonzalez
Ed Gonzalez
Slant Magazine

Sleepaway Camp keeps defying every possible expectation of how a slasher movie is supposed to behave. It isn’t really scary or atmospheric, but the implements of death... are exceedingly gruesome and unprecedented.

Metacritic review by Scott Tobias
Scott Tobias
The Dissolve