Skate Kitchen

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Camille (Rachelle Vinberg) is an introverted Long Island teen whose passion for skateboarding paves the way for her to join a very particular in-crowd: a tight-knit, all-girl skateboarding crew in NYC called Skate Kitchen. In this “skate or die” new life, their friendship and camaraderie gives Camille a place to belong – and a place to escape to as her home life falls apart. Girls gotta stick together in the male-dominated world of skateboarding, after all. But will their support extend to Camille’s love life, when she falls for a mysterious skateboarder dude (played by Jaden Smith)? An authentic & atmospheric teen tale, Skate Kitchen is the first narrative feature from writer/director Crystal Moselle, who previously helmed the award-winning documentary The Wolfpack.


  • Kabrina Adams
  • Tom Bruno
  • Thaddeus Daniels
  • Kobi Frumer
  • Taylor Gray
  • Nico Hiraga
  • Judah Lang
  • Brenn Lorenzo
  • Jules Lorenzo
  • Ardelia Lovelace

Did You Know?


  • The only actor who required a skating double was Jaden Smith.
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    • Kurt: Your mother's a whore!
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

loved it

B. M


Aug 9, 2018

In the end, Skate Kitchen is a frustrating film that’s supposed to elicit a heady sense of freedom, girl power and a rush of sisterhood. It doesn’t. Instead, one is left feeling vaguely hollow.

Simi Horwitz
Film Journal International

Less a coming-of-age film than a series of crucial episodes in that process, Skate Kitchen mixes dreaminess and disillusionment as it observes the choices Camille makes and the ensuing fallout.

Metacritic review by John DeFore
John DeFore
The Hollywood Reporter

Skate Kitchen is a funny and stirring saga of female empowerment that will no doubt delight young women who skate while inspiring many more to pick up a board. It also heralds Moselle as a director who can easily switch stance on both sides of the fiction/non-fiction divide.

Metacritic review by Alonso Duralde
Alonso Duralde