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  • Ash's guitar has fret inlays on the 4th, 6th, 8th and 13th frets. Normal positions for inlays are on the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 12th frets. The inlays don't affect the playability of the guitar, but they serve as visual guides for key positions on the fret board and can confuse a player who relies on them.
  • Ash's boyfriend Lance plays left-handed with a left-handed guitar at the start. There's a scene a short while later where Lance is sitting on a sofa playing his guitar right-handed and the guitar has switched to a right-handed model. Further on in the film, Lance and his guitar are left-handed once more.
  • During the audition, Moon writes with his left hand, but after it's done he writes with his left hand. That could indicate he's ambidextrous, and therefore writes with both hands.
  • In the character montage at the beginning of the movie, Mike the Mouse is given a penny by a baboon. Mike reaches out and grabs the lapels on the yellow shirt, the next shot he is pulling the green sweater.
  • During the final presentation, some keys of Johnny's piano are replaced by pieces of wood. However, when he starts playing, all keys are pearly white.
  • The last time that Buster Moon rides his moon down to the stage he starts at the top facing the audience. The camera view changes to the audience laughing, then moves to behind the moon to show Buster facing the wrong way, and looking up as if in surprise. He then turns to face the audience and continue his introduction. However, it is possible he just changed positions off screen to jest with and captivate the audience.
  • During the entrance scene, when Buster Moon narrates "his plans to become the first koala bear in space were suddenly... toast." Depicts a common mistake that a Koala is a Bear. In all actuality it is a Marsupial. However, this may be intentionally written in the story line because of the widely known use of this misnomer and also because koalas look like small bears.
  • When Meena is holding the fire extinguisher after putting out the fire, the pull pin is shown in the fire extinguisher. Scene changes and comes back to show the pin gone from the trigger.
  • In the final presentation, a gorilla sitting behind Meena's family changes shirts between shots: first, he's wearing a white shirt with blue sleeves; then, he's wearing a plain green shirt. A third glance shows him wearing, again, a white shirt with blue sleeves.
  • Sandwich filling falls on Eddie's shorts in a scene. When he leaves the restaurant, his shorts are no longer dirty or even stained.
  • When Buster goes to steal energy from a store that sided with the theatre, the ledges of both places are aligned. When the shot opens, the ledge of the store is much lower than the Moon Theatre's.
  • A bear spits in another bear's shirt, dirtying it with goo. The camera cuts and when we see them again, the goo isn't there.
  • When Rosita comes home after the first day of rehearsal and checks on the kids to see how her automatization worked, the alarm clock is back on the table. When it went off in the morning, it fell off of a stack of books and onto the floor. There was no way for it to be put back without someone putting it there, and since no one even noticed she was gone, they wouldn't put it back. It is, however, possible that the concoction had a mechanism that would put it back up.
  • When Rosita's automated recording plays on the tape recorder, there's a die sitting on the table. Number "1" is on top, and number "6" is facing the camera. All six sided dice are manufactured with the 1 on the opposite side of the 6, so this representation is inaccurate.
  • When Rosita digs into the cabinet, the items inside it make glass clinking sounds. When the camera turns, there are no glass objects there.
  • During his final song number, Mike is pulled up by the draft from the helicopters and struggles to hold on to the mic and its cable. Moments later, when the helicopter leaves the scene, he plummets and swings himself to safety on the microphone, which now seems to be attached to a hanging cable anchored somewhere quite high in the air (which additionally contradicts the appearance of the mic when Mike first comes out, where the cable rests on the feet of the microphone stand). In fact, if watched carefully, in the shot where the helicopters departing one can see the cable is extending from ground to air and once helicopters leave and upward suction effect vanishes, part of the cable sticks somewhere high and the part Mike is holding hangs down. However, when the song is finished, no cable extending from ground to upper section is shown.
  • It is physically impossible for Meena to have reached the ledge, as her trunk just isn't long enough.
  • In the flashback scene, a cat is a considerable distance from Buster Moon's father. However, when the camera closes on Buster and him, the cat is standing right behind his father.
  • When Nancy saves Mike from being eaten by a bear, she smacks him in the belly with the driver's door and then puts the car on reverse to pick up Mike, who was spit in that direction. However, Mike enters the car through the passenger's door, indicating he circled the car to get in. That is impossible due to their hurry and the time that passes between shots.
  • Eddie and Nana Noodleman are never seen leaving the flooding Moon Theater. They're on the second floor when the theater begins flooding; then, after the front glass door bursts out, they're magically outside and dry.
  • When Mike the Mouse is singing and the helicopter picks him off the ground (which also would not happen), he is singing facing the side of the microphone. This wouldn't happen because a mic only takes in sound from the end of the mic, not the side. This was invented to stop reverberation from other sound sources (especially other instruments) on the stage.
  • When Big Daddy, Stan, and Barry complete their heist, they emerge from a manhole. When they hear police sirens and the camera changes the angle, the manhole has disappeared.
  • When Rosita is at the supermarket, she's standing next to a line of products. The camera changes and, suddenly, she's making a turn.
  • When Johnny gets the call from Buster to put on the show anyways, he rides out of the garage on his skateboard, but later as they're working on getting the theater set back up, he somehow has the truck, as he is using it to help lift something heavy.
  • Norman arrives home wet from the rain. As he falls asleep on the couch, he's no longer wet.
  • The wire Buster uses to siphon energy from a nearby store wasn't completely stretched out. So, if he tugged on it, the wire would go with only a minor stretch, and not the remarkable stretch it is depicted.
  • As Buster's selecting animals to be in the singing competition, he passes several kinds that are shown on the first row. When the camera changes, none of the animals he just passed are on that row.
  • It is physically impossible for Rosita's concoction to have a train toy attached to the ceiling, as it'd fall from the rails.
  • The devices on the left and on the right aisles backstage shift positions.
  • Upon discovering the confusion regarding the prize money, Buster lays his clipboard on the ground as he runs to Eddie. When the camera opens, the clipboard is no longer on the ground.
  • When Moon was going to declare the names of the nominees for the show, Daniel the Giraffe heard him instantly. A few minutes later, however, Daniel was dismissed because he could hardly hear Moon.
  • Ms. Crawley drops a bucket when the ground collapses, and she falls. On the next shot, the bucket isn't there.
  • Just before Buster selects the frog trio during the selection, the previous scene portrays Richard the water buffalo in a different animation style, wearing a red sleeveless hoodie and lacking his black Afro hairstyle. In the next cut, he's portrayed correctly.
  • How could the gorillas have been wearing leather coats? Leather is made from animal skin, and everybody in the city is an animal.
  • Miss Crawly has just typed "$1,000" when her false eyeball pops out and bounces twice on the "0" key. This would produce the text "$1,00000" and not "$100,000".


  • During Mike's presentation, the police helicopters send him flying upwards. That would never happen - helicopters cause a downdraft.
  • When Meena and Buster are stealing water from a large tank, the hose they use to send it back to the Moon Theater is bent to the right side of the tank. In the following shot, it is flat and straight ahead from the tank.
  • When the theatre crashes down, some debris falls in front of the theater, yet when the camera opens, it is not there.
  • When the theatre collapses, the ornaments on top of it seem to crash down in a different motion than the rest of the theater. It should've fallen to the inside of the building, not to the outside.
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