Shrek Forever After Movie Poster

Photos & Videos for Shrek Forever After


  • Second trailer for Shrek Forever After
  • The lovable animated ogre is back in this trailer
  • Trailer for this animated follow up to the popular film series


  • Interview: Eddie Murphy "On the voice and personality of Donkey"
  • Clip: Waffles in the forest
  • Interview: Antonio Banderas "On how much Puss In Boots is now part of his life"
  • Interview: Mike Myers "On what's going on in Shrek's life at the start of the movie"
  • Featurette: Meet Rumpelstiltskin
  • Featurette: Shrek - The Final Chapter
  • Clip: Enter Fiona
  • Clip: Welcome to the resistance
  • Clip: Meet Puss
  • Interview: Cameron Diaz "On being Fiona in four Shrek movies"