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  • After his vision the child Sivana tries to open the rear door of the car but can't because it is child-locked. After the crash though he is able to open it without issue. Many modern cars are designed to unlock their doors in a crash, so that occupants can be rescued ; US Patent 9334681B2 releases the child-lock, so the occupants can escape, but it wasn't filed until 2015.
  • Shazam catches the falling bus by pressing his hands against the windshield, which somehow stays intact. It would surely have collapsed under such force.
  • When Billy Batson is talking to his mom after he reconnects with her, the door behind her changes position several times in the conversation, even though she doesn't move.
  • The door to apartment 707 changes position by several inches during the scene.
  • Dr. Sivana had none of the deadly sins inhabiting his body when he fell several dozen stories. Though he didn't hit the ground, the physical trauma of being caught by Shazam would have killed any mere mortal, as the internal organs continue to plummet toward the Earth.
  • The story begins in 1974 with Thaddeus shown in his father's Cadillac, which is an early to mid 1980's Sedan de Ville model.
  • While Billy is on the train you can see the SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) name, but the wrong logo. The logo is trademarked and it's likely they didn't secure permission to use it, so they just used a somewhat generic logo of an "S" with arrows on the ends of the letter.
  • When Billy enters the subway at 40th Street, the next stop is said to be 30th Street. In reality, there is a stop at 34th Street that is skipped over in the movie.
  • One of the deadly Sins combats Shazam by turning to smoke, so he passes through him, then solidifying to gain the upper hand. The Sins never use this tactic again even when they're getting pummeled by the Shazam family.
  • When the gang run away from the cave Shazam picks up one of the kids & runs at hyperspeed but when he stops running the other children are with him.
  • An exterior shot of the school is used twice (albeit from a different/lower angle). The giveaway is a girl wearing a batman backpack runs to the same group of friends in both shots. Then, in a third school shot at the end of the movie, the same group continues walking from where they were, even though that shot was supposed to be a different day.
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