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  • After his vision the child Sivana tries to open the rear door of the car but can't because it is child-locked. After the crash though he is able to open it without issue. Many modern cars are designed to unlock their doors in a crash, so that occupants can be rescued ; US Patent 9334681B2 releases the child-lock, so the occupants can escape, but it wasn't filed until 2015.
  • Shazam catches the falling bus by pressing his hands against the windshield, which somehow stays intact. It would surely have collapsed under such force.
  • When Billy Batson is talking to his mom after he reconnects with her, the door behind her changes position several times in the conversation, even though she doesn't move.
  • The door to apartment 707 changes position by several inches during the scene.
  • Dr. Sivana had none of the deadly sins inhabiting his body when he fell several dozen stories. Though he didn't hit the ground, the physical trauma of being caught by Shazam would have killed any mere mortal, as the internal organs continue to plummet toward the Earth.
  • The story begins in 1974 with Thaddeus shown in his father's Cadillac, which is a 1979-1980 Sedan DeVille model.
  • While Billy is on the train you can see the SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) name, but the wrong logo. The logo is trademarked and it's likely they didn't secure permission to use it, so they just used a somewhat generic logo of an "S" with arrows on the ends of the letter.
  • When Billy enters the subway at 40th Street, the next stop is said to be 30th Street. In reality, there is a stop at 34th Street that is skipped over in the movie. While this might be excusable under the Alternate Reality or Artistic License exceptions, the subway map Billy looks at does include the 34th Street station dot.
  • One of the deadly Sins combats Shazam by turning to smoke, so he passes through him, then solidifying to gain the upper hand. The Sins never use this tactic again even when they're getting pummeled by the Shazam family.
  • When the gang run away from the cave Shazam picks up one of the kids & runs at hyperspeed but when he stops running the other children are with him.
  • An exterior shot of the school is used twice (albeit from a different/lower angle). The giveaway is a girl wearing a batman backpack runs to the same group of friends in both shots. Then, in a third school shot at the end of the movie, the same group continues walking from where they were, even though that shot was supposed to be a different day.
  • While the actors who play 4 y.o. Billy and Shazam have dark brown eyes, the actor who plays Billy Batson for the majority of the movie has dark green/hazel eyes.
  • The bus falls off the bridge & drops maybe 40 feet towards the ground, but is stopped by Shazam by maybe 5 feet from the ground. It doesn't matter that Shazam stopped it from hitting the ground, the stop from hitting Shazam would have caused the same damage to the people in the bus as they would have suffered hitting the ground.
  • When Shazam and Doctor Sivana land on a skyscraper near the end, the floor cracks under their feet, In the next shot from above it is back to normal.
  • When the family is stuck at the carnival, Mary says "we separate the sins from the eye, and he's just an old man" yet there is no obvious way Mary could have known they are called sins and what their weakness is.
  • Billy, in his Shazam form, accidentally rips off his backpack while trying to open it to show Freddy he stole the Superman bullet. Later, Billy appears going to school with the same backpack, that appears intact.
  • The Cadillac hit by the pick-up truck and flipped over is a 1977-1979, not 1980-1984. The clue is the unusual B-pillar design exclusive to 1977-1979.
  • Shazam catches a SEPTA number 9 bus from falling from an elevated super-highway. The number nine bus travels only on local streets from Andorra to Center City Philadelphia and at no point is it routed over an elevated roadway.
  • When Dr. Sivana was going to confront his father and brother at Sivana Industries, a skyline is shown. The skyline was of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The movie was set in Philadelphia. The name "Sivana Industries" was superimposed on the IDS Center in Minneapolis.
  • When Billy (as Captain Marvel / SHAZAM) returns from the Rock of Eternity after getting his powers, he accidentally bangs his head on the subway door frame and says "OW!" With his newfound powers, he would not have been hurt in the least by that bump and would have torn the top of the door frame right off.
  • The Wizard chooses Billy to become Shazam because he feels he's a good person and worthy to have his powers. Shortly after that, Billy violates Wizard's trust and abuses his new powers by doing immoral things like buying beer (being he's really underage), stealing money from an ATM, stealing sodas from a vending machine, destroying school text books with his lightning, and finally, performing shows to make money.
  • Freddy shoots video of Shazam punching though a column of the abandoned warehouse. The column should have collapsed, causing the part of the ceiling that it was supporting to collapse, but nothing happens.
  • Shazam's suit is clearly padded (Zachary Levi admitted it on Twitter, after first claiming the suit was 100% him).


  • It makes no sense that child services couldn't find Billy's mom while his little brother Eugene could. Especially considering the fact that she lives a couple blocks away from Billy. Or they did find her, but they refused to tell Billy for some reason. That's most likely the case - the child services people likely saw what kind of person she was/what situation she was in, and didn't want Billy returning to what would obviously be a worse situation than with a kind and loving foster family.
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