Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Movie Poster

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  • Trailer for this comedy
  • Trailer for this comedy about a boy who must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes
  • Trailer for this comedy starring Michael Cera


  • Clip: I'm a little bi-furious!
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - What?
  • Featurette: A look inside
  • Interview: Michael Cera "On the film's originality"
  • Clip: Okay. Laters!
  • Interview: Mary Elizabeth Winstead "On training for the role"
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - Hey
  • Interview: Jason Schwartzman "On the film's many genres"
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - Love
  • Clip: Don't you talk to me about grammar
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - Fight!
  • Clip: Hey!
  • Interview: Edgar Wright "On the story's humor"
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - Ramona
  • Clip: If we are going to date you may have to defeat my seven evil exes
  • Clip: Break out the l-word
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - Prepare
  • Clip: Osymyso mix - Yeah