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  • When Cornelia leaves the plate of food outside for Joe the can of Coke is positioned so the word "Coke" is showing. When Joe picks up the plate moments later the can has turned to show the words "Coca-Cola" in cursive on the other side of the can.
  • When Joe and Santa first ride in the sleigh, Santa can be seen speaking an entire sentence as they drive off the roof, yet no words are heard.
  • The ancient elf announces that Claus will 'henceforth be known as Santa Claus', but the village children address him as 'Santa Claus' in the first scene of the movie, before he meets the elves.
  • When Cornelia is arguing with one of the students in ballet class, a girl standing behind Cornelia is mouthing the lines of the girl facing Cornelia.
  • Though the action for the 20th Century takes place in New York, all the police vehicles seen are generic black and whites. The New York Police throughout the 1980s were using the distinctive custom painted 'grabber' blue with white roof color scheme, which was something of an icon in itself when New York was portrayed on film during this period.
  • Joe and Cornelia remain the same age throughout the film.
  • When Patch pulls himself from under Santa's sleigh during their first meeting, he removes the snow to reveal the stage/set underneath.
  • During the 18th century sequence of the "Santa through time" montage, when the boy is hurting his sister's cat, the feline is a gray-and-white tuxedo cat. Later, when the girl is shown cuddling the cat as she sleeps, it's now a tabby with somewhat less white than before.


  • At the very end of the movie, B.Z. is shown floating far away in outer space far from Earth's atmosphere. Since there's no oxygen in outer space, he should be dead, not angry and screaming for help.
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