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Goofs from Samson

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  • We hear Delilah cut his hair - she didn't . "she... summoned a man and he shaved the seven locks of his hair for her..."
  • This movie shows modern "ears" of what North Americans call "corn" and other places call "maize". The plant "maize" comes from the Americas and thus was never available in biblical times in any place mentioned in the Holy Bible. The Holy Bible (King James Version) does use the word "corn"; but that term referred to grains such as wheat or rye or barley. So, the use of maize in an Old Testament setting is an anachronism based upon a linguistic misinterpretation.
  • In the sequence when Samson is fighting the Philistine Army and he's dispatching warriors left and right, there is only one dead man lying on the ground in any of the long shots until the final scene shows that he slew hundreds of men piled on top of each other.
  • Women in this time (and often since) are property of first, the Father/surviving eldest brother, then husband. Women are often seen without escort by a man or a female of his family. Dilah would have been labeled and punished for going with Samson to the beach and labeled in an unflattering manner for life for touching & kissing him. Artistic license is stretched a bit.
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