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  • Philip cuts his hand on glass, but moments later there's no blood or wound visible.
  • Philip's piano playing does not match the music playing.
  • With a cigarette in his left hand, Brandon makes a quick phone call to the garage man. After he hangs up the phone he has no cigarette.
  • When Rupert describes how he would "get rid" of David, the camera pans from the easy chair to the piano. When it returns to the chair about ten seconds later, the chair is facing a different direction.
  • As Brandon and Philip walk back to the kitchen after finding the rope, the frame over the doorway into the hall can be seen separating. Since each reel was filmed in one continuous take, sets had to be moved out of the way during the shot, allowing the camera to follow the actors between rooms. (A similar mistake is visible in the tracking shot out of Bob Rusk's house in Frenzy (1972).)
  • When Phillip and Brandon put David in the chest, the rope is clearly around David's neck and completely inside the box. But in a few minutes Phillip finds the rope hanging, very far, outside the box.
  • During the party, the chest that houses David is tall enough to serve food from. However, by the end, as Rupert crosses to the chair next to it, the chest is only as tall as Rupert's knees.
  • When Rupert is talking to Brandon and holding two plates of ice cream, the camera moves behind Brandon's back to make a cut. When the camera re-emerges, Rupert and Brandon are standing in the same positions, but the doorway background is in a different place. Also, the ice cream topping has changed from chocolate to caramel. Furthermore, the piece of cake changes position on the plate in Rupert's left hand - it moves to the opposite side.
  • When Brandon is opening the curtains of the long window after killing David, the shadow of an arm can be glimpsed behind the curtain in the upper left corner of the window.
  • A camera shadow is visible on Rupert as he gives his speech at the chest near the end of the film.
  • During the tussle between Philip and Rupert, the gun fires and injures Rupert's hand. Afterward Rupert takes out his handkerchief to tie his wound, but he only manages to loosely hold it in his left hand. When he walks over to the chest and opens it, the handkerchief is perfectly wrapped around Rupert's wounded hand.
  • When Brandon is opening the curtains of the long window after killing David, the shadows are in the wrong direction, towards the window.
  • During the opening credits - and judging by the windows on the opposite side of the street - the camera appears to be positioned roughly at the third, possibly fourth floor height at the most. However, the window view throughout the film suggests a flat on a much higher floor.
  • Joan Chandler looks directly at the camera a handful of times.
  • Before Brandon opens the curtains on the long windows before the party no traffic noise can be heard. After opening the curtains, and without opening the windows, street noise can clearly be heard.
  • As the movie begins, the murder victim is heard to shout, and there is an instant cut to the murderers, who have just completed strangling the victim with the eponymous rope still around the victim's neck. If the victim was being strangled, he could not have shouted.
  • The newly dead body would have voided itself and thus there would have been a distinctly noticeable smell.
  • When Rupert is holding two desserts and talking to the maid, she calls him "Mr. Stewart"


  • Some viewers have noted that the police are summoned after three shots are fired out the window whereas nobody seems to notice when one shot is fired in the apartment during the scuffle for the gun. A single shot muffled by the apartment walls would not attract nearly as much attention as three shots fired out an open window.
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