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  • In several of the trailers, there is a scene where two X-wing pilots are walking past two large hangars. In the background is a modern piece of construction equipment clearly bearing the logo of JCB, a UK-based manufacturer. (It's possible this will be cleaned up in post-production).
  • When the shuttle's thrusters ignite a conscious Jyn is pushed backwards to the edge of the platform but an unconscious Galen, who is nearer to the shuttle than Jyn, stays at the same spot and in the same position as before the ignition.
  • As the camera pans into the control centre of the data bank station for the first time, we see officers huddling around a couple of consoles. These consoles appear to be rugged and firmly planted to the deck. However, one of the furthermost consoles was visibly nudged out of position as the camera drew away (towards Krennic).
  • When landing the Transport the crew is preparing for landing as they deploy landing gear. You even hear them say that the landing gear is locked in position. Minutes later, when they actually are landing, you see the the landing gear coming out of the Transport, not being deployed earlier.
  • At the first appearance of Orson Krennic the wind is blowing very strong and his cape is moving very strong too. But during the close-up Scenes the cape almost doesn't move. In different shots it's moving strong again.
  • A giant Jedi statue, lying in the sand, is at first lying on its left side (like in Trailer #2), but zooming out, it is lying on its right side.
  • When Jyn Erso is talking to Saw Gerrera, the position of his breathing mask changes. It mostly hangs to one side of his chest, but in one close up shot it is in a different position without the character having moved it. It returns to the previous position in the wide shot.
  • When the actual Death Star schematic is shown on a screen, it has an error - the superlaser dish is shown on the equatorial trench; it is actually above this trench, not on it. This may be a deliberate error done as a throwback to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), which has the same apparent goof.
  • In the opening sequence, the Imperial shuttle is flying to Galen's farm to take him back to the Empire, and can be seen flying over Jyn's head as she runs back to the farm to warn her parents. The shuttle knows where Galen lives and presumably flies in a straight line, yet arrives well after Jyn arrives, leaving Jyn plenty of time to talk to her father and be hidden in the cave by her mother.
  • During the space battle over Scarif, in one shot of Gold Leader's Y-Wing cockpit, the edge of the Death Star's equatorial trench can be seen through the back window of the cockpit behind him. This is reused footage from the rebel attack on the Death Star from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). Actually, while it is re-used footage, the background has been digitally altered to be the Shield gate.
  • At Jedha, in the wide shots, the Death Star is upside down as shown by the superlaser dish being on the bottom half of the station when it should be on the top half. The Death Star was rotated into this position for the attack. There's nothing inherently wrong with doing this in space since there is no true up or down in zero gravity.
  • When the shuttle lands on Scarif all of the palm trees surrounding the landing pad are coconut palms. Later an exterior shot of the shuttle shows date palms with pruned leaf bases. These palms are easily available and transplanted as mature trees as the trees in this shot were.
  • During Darth Vader's first scene on Mustafar, light from the window behind him is visible through the lower part of his ventilator and it is also possible to see part of Spencer Wilding's head.
  • As the rebels are setting charges on Scarif, they twist them to, presumably, arm them. The second or third charge never gets twisted. However, activating one may be all that is needed to detonate all of them, as they may well be linked.
  • A rifle scope would not produce stereoscopic image (as seen in the 3D version of the movie) , as two lenses are needed for that to work, not one. Even if it did, that would be pointless, as only one eye is always used to look through the scope.
  • When Krennic is talking with Galen in the opening scene, we see a young Jyn sneak up to within a few meters of where they are, but in the opening wide angle shot, we see that the belt of green vegetation is actually quite narrow and is surrounded by relatively flat and open terrain.
  • When the Imperial officers in the main tower see the explosions on the landing pads, the sound reaches them simultaneously. The distant landing pads are about a kilometer or so from the main tower, so there should have been a brief delay of a few seconds before the sound reaches them.
  • When the U-Wing was approaching the Imperial Kyber refinery, it took a hit on the rock. Upon impact, Bodhi fell backward. He should have fallen forward due to inertia when the vehicle reduced speed hitting the rock.
  • When Krennic goes to take Galen Erso, it is raining. His suit is wet and drops of water are hanging from his insignia (the six red rectangles). The drops appear and disappear between shots.
  • The U-Wing has a very different door design from the practical version (Yavin IV, Edu) to the CGI version (departing Yavin IV, Jedha).
  • When Saw Gerrera interrogates Bodhi Rook, Saw reaches for his breathing mask and knocks off the pipe connected to his suit. Cut to Bodhi then back to Saw and the pipe is back in place.
  • After Darth Vader massacres the soldiers on the corridor and the Blockade Runner escapes, he is standing on a ramp on the bottom of the cruiser, looking after the departing corvette. He is in vacuum, yet his cape is flapping in the wind. Even if we assume that some air was escaping from the ship into space, it'd move the cape to the other direction. There is no way wind could blow from the outside to inside.
  • When Darth Vader is staring after the escaping corvette, he is standing merely on a ramp in space. There can be no air around him. He could survive, but the Stormtroopers behind him couldn't. The regular Stormtrooper armor is not a space suit and it has no air supply. There are "Space troopers", but they look very different from regular Stormtroopers. However, the Rebel ship they are on most likely employs a magnetic force field in its docking bay (much like other larger vessels in the Star Wars films, including the Death Star). Therefore, the Stormtroopers would be able to breathe. However, you can also see Stormtroopers standing in what appears to be an exposed vacuum in the original Star Wars film, when the Millennium Falcon is being pulled into the Death Star which confirms this is not an anomaly.
  • After Jyn aligns the antenna, an Imperial fighter begins strafing the catwalk she's on. Jyn runs at least 20 feet away from the tall, vertical control panel at the catwalk's end, but when the catwalk is damaged and she has to climb back onto it, she's back out near the vertical control panel.
  • When Darth Vader attacks the Alderaan troopers in the corridor, he uses the Force to disarm four of the last five troopers before the door. Vader telekinetically "grabs" the troopers' laser rifles and "yanks" them out of their hands so that the four rifles fly backwards over Vader's shoulders into the corridor behind him. Vader then kills two of them, which should leave three, and yet after a cut there are still four, and at least two of them armed. However, there are actually six troops before the door, not five, so the numbers are correct.
  • R2-D2 and C3PO are left on Yavin creating a continuity error between Rogue One and Ep IV.
  • Felicity Jones is at her 5' 3" (1.6 m) too short to pose as any type of a trooper. All troopers are of the same height and considerably taller than she is. Her short appearance should rise suspicion right away. Stormtroopers' heights vary. They are human recruits from across the galaxy. The Empire would not dismiss a potential asset simply because they aren't the exact height as others. Leia makes one joke that Luke seems too short to be a stormtrooper. This should not be taken as a literal confirmation that all Stormtroopers are the same height.
  • Bail Organa (Leia's adoptive father) has not aged one bit even though this film takes place 20 years after Revenge of the Sith. Actually, the actor Jimmy Smits has aged around 12 years (from the time Revenge of the Sith was filmed in 2003 to when Rogue One was filmed in 2015). In Rogue One, he's clearly gained a bit of weight and has a significant amount of grey hair at his temples.
  • When Bodhi's trying to activate the communications tower, his cord gets stuck around some small towers that he would have had to go out of his way to wrap the cord around in the first place, and then in the next shot the devices are replaced by crates and the cord now reaches much further despite still being caught in the same spot.
  • The Death Star plans are passed, by hand, through a closing airlock door, on the same data disk/card Princess Leia apparently uses to transfer the plans to R2-D2 in Episode 4; however, in A New Hope, Darth Vader describes the Death Star plans having been beamed to the ship by spies, not delivered by hand. The Death Star Plans are beamed to the flagship, which are then downloaded to the disk and given to the princess aboard the Tantive IV.
  • Galen lies dying on the platform in the pouring rain. A moment later, as Cassian grabs Jyn's arm and forces her to run with him, the camera closes in on Galen's body. There's no rain falling.
  • The climax of the film is a desperate attempt to hand off a CD-ROM onto which the Death Star plans have been downloaded; however, in the original film, Darth Vader accuses the Tantive IV of having received it by radio transmission, not tangible media.
  • While the lenses on Vader's mask were given a lighter tint to look closer to how they looked in A New Hope, his voice still had the same deeper tone, with less emotion that he had in ESB and ROTJ.


  • When Galen Erso is lying on the ground, his angled leg changes. First his left leg is angled, then his right and finally his left leg again.
  • A corridor and platform lead to Princess Leia's ship from the back; this is most evident when Vader stands on the platform as the ship flies away. However, the ship doesn't have a hatch in the back; there's only the engines and thrust nozzles.
  • On board the wrecked Rebel flagship, Vader impales a Rebel trooper and opens a door simultaneously. He immediately comes under fire from two more troopers. At first the two soldiers are standing on either side of the corridor. The camera then cuts to a view from behind the Rebels, and there are three troopers in the corridor, two on the left hand side, one on the right.
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