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Hinako is a surf-loving college student who has just moved to a small seaside town. When a sudden fire breaks out at her apartment building, she is rescued by Minato, a handsome firefighter, and the two soon fall in love. Just as they become inseparable, Minato loses his life in an accident at sea. Hinako is so distraught that she can no longer even look at the ocean, but one day she sings a song that reminds her of their time together, and Minato appears in the water. From then on, she can summon him in any watery surface as soon as she sings their song, but can the two really remain together forever? And what is the real reason for Minato's sudden reappearance?


  • Ryôta Katayose
  • Rina Kawaei
  • Honoka Matsumoto
  • Kentaro Ito
  • Michael Johnston
  • Merit Leighton
  • Joey Richter
  • Sarah Anne Williams

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Feb 20, 2020

Fancifully heartfelt, Ride Your Wave doesn’t constitute his top effort, but it’s inviting enough to persuade audiences unfamiliar with him to dip their feet and then fully dive into the profundity of his imagination, where wonder awaits.

Metacritic review by Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Aguilar
Dec 5, 2019

The filmmakers’ reliance on romantic situations throughout the midsection may have some older teens and adults rolling their eyes, but the final scenes over-deliver with a literal flood of action that enables Hinako to definitively prove herself and discover her true calling.

Metacritic review by Justin Lowe
Justin Lowe
The Hollywood Reporter