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  • (at around 36 mins) When Red Sonja and Falkon fight the bandits that captured Prince Tarn, Falkon hits a downed bandit with his bone club and part of the club breaks off upon impact. When he appears on screen again a moment later, the club is undamaged.
  • (at around 14 mins) When Varna approaches to the rope over the canyon, there are two meshes. She clutches one mesh and slides down the rope. When her pursuers get to the rope, there are three or four meshes.
  • (at around 1h 6 mins) When Red Sonja and her companions are climbing a sheer wall to enter Queen Gedren's castle, her hair and clothing items are hanging "into" the wall, revealing that the actors are in fact crawling across the floor.
  • (at around 1h) When Kalidor lifts Prince Tarn into the air with one arm, the wire attached to Tarn's back is visible.
  • (at around 4 mins) The credits say that the movie is based on characters created by Robert E. Howard (who died in 1936), who created the basic Hyborian setting, as well as the character Conan (who appears here under the name Kalidor), but omit mention of writer Roy Thomas and illustrator Barry Windsor-Smith who created the title character Red Sonja in 1973.
  • (at around 1h 21 mins) When Falkon is pulling Red Sonja under the gate from the room with the talisman, he loses balance and pushes down on the gate Kalidor is trying to hold up.
  • (at around 56 mins) When in the cavern with the killing machine Kalidor calls Falkon by name even though he has not been told it yet.
  • (at around 17 mins) Sonja has round vaccine scars on her shoulder.
  • When Sonja and Kalidor are fighting, the Prince comes and jumps on Kalidor's back. When Kalidor reaches back to lift him off his back, the wires holding the Prince are occasionally visible.


  • (at around 1h 14 mins) After Queen Gedren takes off her mask, her scar disappears and reappears for the rest of her scenes.
  • (at around 1h 21 mins) During the final explosion of Gedren's palace, one column is briefly standing again after toppling and disintegrating.
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