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Red Rocket

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Dec 3, 2021

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Mikey Saber is a washed-up porn star who returns to his small Texas hometown, not that anyone really wants him back.


  • Simon Rex
  • Suzanna Son
  • Bree Elrod
  • Brenda Deiss
  • Ethan Darbone
  • Brittney Rodriguez
  • Judy Hill
  • Parker Bigham
  • Nate Venz

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Jul 14, 2021

At a little over two hours, Red Rocket suffers mildly from prolix stretches, and just like The Florida Project, it could have used some tightening. But it’s a pleasure to put yourself in Baker’s capable hands as he ambles through his loose story with its affectionate, slyly humorous character observations and immersive sense of place.

Metacritic review by David Rooney
David Rooney
The Hollywood Reporter
Jul 14, 2021

The film becomes convoluted in its final stretches, losing the effortless sweep which that preceded, but even then Rex’s masterful turn keeps us glued to the screen

Tim Grierson
Screen Daily
Jul 14, 2021

While Red Rocket very ably explores the headspace and mechanisms of the 100% beef-fed all-American huckster, it loses a step or two when it does so as a kind of morality tale assessing the damage and human toll Mikey leaves in his wake.

Metacritic review by Ben Croll
Ben Croll