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  • When police backup arrives at the Griffith Observatory, the officer approaches the vehicle on the driver's side to talk to the Juvenile Division officer in the back seat. There are two cutaway shots and now the conversation continues on the passenger's side of the car. The officers within the car change sides of the vehicle, too.
  • During the fight between Buzz and Jim behind the planetarium, Buzz kicks a switchblade at Jim. It rolls on the ground and stops about 3-4 feet in front of Jim. The next moment when Jim picks it up, it's right at his feet.
  • Early in the movie, when Plato is being interrogated by the police, his wristwatch switches back and forth between having a metal band and having a leather band.
  • In the first police station scene Jim is waiting for his parents to arrive, he has a glasses case in his pocket which disappears in the next shot, but then reappears seconds later.
  • When Plato arrives at the mansion just after Judy and Jim do, after talking briefly, they let him into the house. When he walks into the house and comes up the stairs, a cord is clearly visible dragging on the ground behind him. Probably a cord for the microphone.
  • During the knife fight with Buzz, Jim gets blood on his shirt which disappears and reappears between shots.
  • Jimmy puts his left hand through the window, but it's a right hand that turns the radio knob.
  • After Buzz has fallen off the cliff and Jim returns home, the left shoulder of his jacket is dirty. When he lays on the couch it is clean again. As he is arguing with his parents on the steps, when he faces his father, the jacket has the dirt on it, when he turns to face his mother, the jacket is clean again.
  • When Jim is being interrogated in the office near the beginning of the movie, a boom is clearly visible reflected in the glass above all the actors' head.
  • When Jim drives home to find Judy sitting on the brick wall, she is seen in the headlights of Jim's car. In the next shot, she is sitting on the wall right beside Jim's window.
  • When Plato shoots at Jim, Jim's words don't match up with his mouth. And when Jim tackles him a moment later Plato's words don't match up either.
  • During the race scene there's a shot of Buzz's left hand cuff caught on a door handle that faces forward. The very next shot shows his left hand on the wheel and his right hand trying to free himself from a completely different door handle that faces backwards. The first door has a stripped upholstery and the next is just plain gray.
  • When Jim rolls out of the car during the race, the footage is sped up to make it look like it happened faster than it actually did.
  • When Jim takes the ammunition clip out of Plato's pistol, he fails to remove the round that would have already been housed in the chamber.
  • When Jim goes to change his shirt before heading to the chicken-run, it shows him talking to his father with his shirt not tucked in. When it cuts to the next scene of Jim walking out of the room away from his father, his shirt is tucked in.
  • The duration of the "chickie run" was obviously extended to heighten its tension and dramatic impact. The cars are seen going far too fast, and for far too long a period of time, to cover the distance to the cliff. At the speed they were traveling over the distance involved, they should have gone over the cliff within a few seconds.
  • After the "chickie run", Jim is shown laying on his living room couch watching his mother coming down the stairs. His head is tilted back, and the camera switches to show the scene from Jim's perspective, with his mother initially seen upside down, then slowly turning to right side up as Jim turns his head. But in the last moment of this shot, Jim's head is shown -- an impossibility since the shot is supposed to show what Jim is seeing.
  • When Plato and Jim are at the Planetarium, Plato points to the mansion, located far away in the distance. However when they go the mansion, the mansion and Planetarium seem to be right next to each other, as they can easily run from the mansion to the Planetarium.
  • When Jim goes to turn the car radio off, he turns the volume control, but that radio is turned off by pushing the leftmost pushbutton, which is clearly marked "OFF".
  • When Jim asks to Plato what's a death race, he calls Plato by his nickname, but they never introduced themselves properly in the earlier scenes.
  • In the first scene inside the planetarium, the stars on the dome are shown to be moving, quite fast, yet the Zeiss projector (from which the stars are coming) isn't moving at all, and it should be.
  • After Plato is shot at the observatory, he loses one of his shoes when he stumbles and falls to the ground. The remaining shoe alternates between being on his right foot (with the blue sock) and his left foot (with the red sock).
  • In the first police station scene,when Judy gives her phone number out, look over her right shoulder, Jim is sat on a chair, and you see a police officer walk out of a door with a man, in the next scene they come out of the same door again.
  • When Jim says sorry for standing on the school insignia on his left hand side you can see a boy with a brown jacket on, and a girl with a red jacket on,then the scene cuts to a shot of the gangs feet, then the shot cuts back to the gang walking up the steps,and the boy and girl are now at the top right of the screen.
  • Except for Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo, all of the major participants who are supposed to be high school students are, in fact, in their 20s, and of college age; Dean was 24, and could have graduated from college 2 years earlier.
  • When Jim gets out of bed after talking to his father he is wearing the pants he had on at school, moments later before leaving the room he is magically wearing bluejeans.
  • At the end of the movie, we see that Jim and Judy get into their own car not the police car, and officers don't ask them anything about the death at the cliffs or what they were doing in this abandoned building.
  • When the kid with the gun is escaping from the officer, he enters a building with a door that is partially made of glass.. The police officer approaches the door and stands behind the door instead of posing himself safely near the side wall. Police officers don't put themselves in risk of being shot like that.
  • When the kid with the gun is inside the building and officers are talking to him with a load speaker, soon after that we see that 2 other kids run into the building because the officers was not watching the scene. The main officer had his back to the main scene.
  • When Judy first sits down in Detective Fremick's office, an extra studio light is seen opening up on her, followed by the shadow of a boom mic moving into place.
  • When Plato opens his locker on the first day of school he is just putting his key into the lock and the locker door partially opens. He quickly pushes it back to the closed position then proceeds with the key.
  • When Jim reaches into his car to turn off the offending DJ on his radio he uses his left hand, but during a close-up of him turning the knob we see his right hand.


  • When Plato is lying on the ground dead, Judy has his left shoe in her hand but a shot of Plato shows his right shoe missing. When she goes to put it back on him, it is the left shoe that is off. Throughout the sequence, shots from Plato's head show that his left shoe is off, while in close-ups it is his right.
  • When Plato is being lifted onto the stretcher, he raises his left arm to the middle of his back instead of letting it dangle.
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