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Teenage Reese (Brighton Sharbino) has a love for virtual reality role playing and a knack for beating even the toughest survival games. But when a nuclear strike causes an electromagnetic pulse that cuts off all power, water, and communication to the entire western United States, Reese finds herself plunged into an all-too-real fight to survive. As pandemonium grips her city, Reese and her father (Dominic Monaghan) set out on a desperate journey in search of safety a perilous trek through a world gone mad where every encounter with a stranger could be your last. Propelled by the ingenuity and resilience of its young heroine, Radioflash is a harrowingly unpredictable apocalyptic thriller that speaks to our precarious present.


  • Brighton Sharbino
  • Dominic Monaghan
  • Will Patton
  • Fionnula Flanagan
  • Miles Anderson
  • Michael Filipowich
  • Kyle Collin
  • Sean Cook
  • Arden Myrin
  • Amir Abdullah

Did You Know?


  • This movie was filmed across Eastern Washington State, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.


  • When Reese examines the old two-way radio, she clearly discovers it is powered by a standard 120-volt AC plug. Somehow, simply connecting a 12-volt battery powers it up.
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Atom User Reviews

4.0 out of 5


Nov 14, 2019

Set in the tense hours between a calamity and the societal breakdown it'll almost certainly cause, Ben McPherson's Radioflash begins as a visually rich, calmly serious take on apocalypse drama.

Metacritic review by John DeFore
John DeFore
The Hollywood Reporter
Nov 14, 2019

Given how visually inventive and unusual the film’s first five minutes are, it’s disappointing that, by its last half hour, it essentially turns into one undistinguished chase scene after another. A heroine as strong as Reese deserves a more consistently exciting plot.

Metacritic review by Noel Murray
Noel Murray
Los Angeles Times
Nov 14, 2019

Ultimately it seems a message movie not quite willing to deliver any clear message, as well as a genre film shy about admitting as much. It’s too melodramatic to be taken as gritty realism, yet not suspenseful enough to work as a straight thriller.

Metacritic review by Dennis Harvey
Dennis Harvey